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Women’s Day

Women's Day 2018

Happy Women’s Day !


Growing Hyacinths in Water Vases

The hyacinths flowers. It took them about two months just as said in the instructions. I followed the instructions and wonder why my flowers don’t look as fantastic as those on the package 😉 Mine are not as colorful and strong and have not as many flowers on the stem. Anyway, it was interesting to follow the development. I think I will try some daffodil bulbs in the vases next. If there are bulbs to buy this early of the year. 

Flowers & Jacky

About two weeks ago I bought the Azalea. It had no flowers in bloom yet but many buds. After a couple of days I thought they would not flower at all. But, now look. So beautiful !

The beautiful hyacinths are from a dear friend for the independence day. There is a lovely cent from them.

And then Jacky. When I started to photograph the flowers he so much wanted to be there. I was afraid he would destroy the flowers and had to put him into the bedroom until I was ready. Oh how happy he was when I let him out and allowed him to hop up onto the table.

Growing Hyacinths in Water Vases

About a week ago or may be a bit more I bought two packages of hyacinth bulbs in glass vases. I said to my husband, look at these, my mom and aunties used to grow hyacinths in water vases in the 50’s and 60’s. I have to buy a couple. I hope I will be able to grow them. Back home I put them in a kitchen cabinet to put in the vases the next day. But, oops, I had forgotten all about them till today when I happened to open the cabinet. I now have “planted” them, one pink and one blue, according to the instructions on the packages plus that I found more about how to succeed with them on the net. Unfortunately, they will not bloom in time for Christmas but beginning of next years will be nice too. 

Garden Day @ Axxell, Överby, Espoo

On May 20th we visited the Spring garden day at Axxell. It was so nice and warm. Yesterday the Fall garden day took place. Cloudy, no, rain, not too cold. Very nice too.  Lot to buy. Flower bulbs, flower plants, bushes and tree plants to. I didn’t buy any plants but will next spring. You also could buy all kind of jam, pickled garlic, fresh vegetables, cookies, cup cakes, tools etc. As in the spring, I also now bought cute cup cakes. It was the same young woman selling them. And I bought a package of Christmas cards. I thought they were painted by the woman selling them but she said it’s her daughter, Maarit Ailio, who is the painter. I googled her and there are so many more cute paintings by her. When my husband saw the cards he said “what already” ? ! Yes, it’s Christmas in less than four months, isn’t it 😀