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Yellow/Orange Daylily

The first, of four different daylilies, is in bloom. It is the other one of two a friend gave me. She didn’t know the name of it. Neither have I been able to figure it out despite looking for images on the net.

Yellow daylily IMG_8148CYellow daylily IMG_8146CYellow daylily IMG_8145CYellow daylily IMG_8138C


@ Haaga Rhododendron & Azalea Park

Our fourth visit to the Rhododendron Park. The park was opened in 1975. We have visited it four times during the years. Last time was five years ago when we also had our sweet dog Canelo with us. The park is a very popular local attraction. Specially when the rhododendrons flower. So beautiful. Originally there was only rhododendrons. In 1996 the park was expanded with azaleas. There is always plenty people. Also today. Many had there dog with them. I missed my Canelo.



Wow ! I’m amazed. The Amaryllis we got for Christmas is in bloom, again. I have never had one blooming more than at the time of Christmas. And . . . there is one more stem coming up. I am already able to see there will be more flowers. It takes a long time so, maybe at Easter. The stem at Christmas was short. This time it’s very tall and the flowers so heavy that if I don’t put some weight (stones) in the basket it will fall over.


Dahlias, begonia and pelargonium IMG_7087CDahlias, begonia and pelargonium IMG_7089CDahlias and begonia IMG_7079CTonight it was cold. Only + 3 degrees Celsius at 7 am. First thing in the morning I looked out the window to check how my three dahlias, two begonias and pelargonium/geranium are doing. They look fine. No frost on them. We have to, today, move them indoors, into the garage, for the winter. Little by little little we water them less and they will soon fade. All of them have been with us for years already. The white/red dahlia from 2006. The photos are from Wednesday last week. You may wonder what my husband is doing. Well, he is picking apples from the ground, sitting 😀