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Red/White Dahlia

The red/white dahlia has been in bloom already for some time now. The flowers are always in red and white. There may be more or less of the white color but, the red is practically always dominating. Last week I saw one almost only in white. The red/whites are about 8 cm in diameter. The white is much smaller. I think only half the size. But, sooo beautiful, at least in a close up photo.

Dahlias and Begonias

dahlias 20190920_083219_HDRCdahlias 20190920_083245_HDRCtuber begonia 20190920_083228_HDRIn my last post of September 12th I said I’d take the dahlias and begonias indoors, into the garage, any day because of possible night frost. Well, I didn’t do it. It still has been pretty warm and the forecast said the warmth would continue over this weekend. I should have taken them indoors. The night between Thursday and Friday there was frost on the ground. Anyway, the flowers now are safely indoors. I am sure that, despite all, they are okay and will bloom again next summer.