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3 Years Today

Our cat Jacky 20190611_091721_HDRCCHappy, happy birthday dear Jacky !



Our cat Jacky 20190610_100640_HDRCThe trailer is loaded with stuff to be taken to the waste & recycling station, looks like Jacky wants to come too.

New Herb Bench – Jacky – Chive

New her bench 20190606_091803_HDRCToday I planted a tomato, a red pepper and a basil plant into the new wooden frame. It’s small, but there’s still room for some more herbs.  The one tomato is just for fun to get a few tomatoes. I had way too many last year.  Soon I will plant some more red pepper plants and also some oregano plants. Jacky 20190606_082622_HDRCLook how happy Jacky is when I gave him a tour in the wheelbarrow.chive in bloomThe chive is in bloom. My longtime favorite flower to photograph.