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Jacky 20180908_122332_HDRCJacky 20180908_122319_HDRCWhen I’m on the computer Jacky usually is laying either on the desk between the screen and the keyboard or on the shelf beside me. It doesn’t take him long to fall asleep. Here he is on the shelf.


Run mouse run

Last night I woke to strange sounds coming from the living room. I told my husband “I think Jacky’s got a mouse. YOU go see what you can do !” He came back and said “It’s a mouse and I couldn’t get it”. Maybe it’s gone in the morning.” It was not ! Jacky found it under the bed. I told him to take it out,  t a k e  i t  o u t. Which he did. I looked out the window. There they were. Lying in the grass staring at each other. The mouse shivering in horror. I grabbed my phone to get some photos. Then went back in. A few minutes later I was not able to see neither of them. I felt bad for the mouse and kind of wanted things to end well for him but, on the other hand I wish Jacky took care of him so he won’t come back next night.

Formula 1 Season Start

Yay ! Jacky’s  and my favorite TV programme. At 8 am we both were like glued to the TV screen watching the qualifications. Looking forward to tomorrow’s race. The photos are quick snap shots and are no good but, despite that, I think Jacky is so cute.