Rauma, Finland

Mini Road Trip to Rauma

Second time, this season, out on the road with our motorhome. First time to visit friend’s and stay for one night. This time we planned to go Rauma on the west coast and from there up to Pietarsaari for a one to night trip. Rauma because we have been there only once. It was together with my father in law in 1968.

We left on Wednesday. We arrived in Raumo at about 1 pm. Leif said, look, look, there are people swimming in the canal. I said no way, the water looks very dirty. I turned my head and was able to get just a glimpse so I asked him turn back. We parked the car and walked down to the canal. He was right. Three women (size of real women) in bathing suites and a frog, a prince. Of course I took couple of pictures. I, later in the night, in the camper, read about them in a tourist brochure. They are made by Kerttu Horila. She is famous for her ceramic sculptures. They said it’s probably the most photographed art in Rauma.

Kerttu Horila's Art in Rauma IMG_4553_1Kerttu Horila's Art in Rauma IMG_4558_1Kerttu Horila's Art in Rauma IMG_4559_1

Next I saw a huge tie attached high up to the balcony on a building. I took a picture and asked Leif. Did you see the tie. No, no he said. I said look it’s there on, it’s right there. No he was unable to see it. Eventually he figured it out. The sign says “Häpskräps pitsikravatti / Tarmo Thorström, Matti Pursiheimo” Never heard the word häpskräps. Pitsikravatti. No Problem. Lace tie. I found a list in the brochure and the häpskräps are Rauma slang for katkarapu/shrimp.

Pitsikravatti IMG_4565C_1


Pitsikravatti IMG_4563C_1

We strolled around for about four hours. The sky was dark and it started to rain a little. We set the navigator to Poroholma Camping. Only about 1,5 – 2,0 kilometer drive.  It rained until about 8:30 pm.

Poroholma camping view IMG_4569C


Sunset after the rain stopped.

Poroholma Picture 001_1Poroholma Picture 004C_1Poroholma Picture 010_1Poroholma Picture 014_1Good. Sunshine in the morning. After having coffee we went for a short walk with Canelo and to shoot some pictures. The sailing ship is Kahtrina of Rauma. The train goes from the camping site to the Old Rauma. The train made last trip for the season on Aug. 4

Old Rauma Picture 026_1Old Rauma Picture 031_1Old Rauma Picture 052_1Old Rauma Picture 034_1Old Rauma Picture 051_1Old Rauma Picture 042_1Old Rauma Picture 044C_1

Rauma Old Town is lovely. I walked around by myself as Leif complained his leg was hurting. He sat on a bench for most of the time. Soon (after about an hour and a half) he wanted to go the Maritime Museum.

Picture 059_1The Maritime Museum Picture 061_1The Maritime Museum Picture 068_1The Maritime Museum Picture 079_1The Maritime Museum Picture 070_1

Difficult to take pictures as so many windows and vitrine causing reflections.

Well, what about going to Pietarsaari or not. That’s the question. It didn’t take us long to decide not to go. After all it is not that long ago we made a trip up along side the coast. Let’s go home. Let’s go via Hämeenlinna to pick up the camera holster I forgot at their place two weeks ago. Back at home about 7:30 pm.

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