Kuressaare, Estonia

Road Trip July 8 – July 11

Inspired by pictures of a, also retired, colleague’s Kuressaare and Saaremaa pictures a visit there has been already for a long time on my list of places to visit.

Day 1
Sea Cloud II 003cc

Driving to the harbor there was this sailing ship. We made a quick stop to take a picture. Back home I read about it on the net. It’s, the Sea Cloud II. A large barque built as a cruise ship. Looked very nice in the morning sun.
In line for check in 004C
In line for check in. Very warm already at 8 am. Waiting for the ferry Viking Express to arrive from Tallinn at 9 am. Departure at 10 am. In one hour abt 2500 passengers and 240 cars both get off and on the ferry.  Incredible !
Passing the sea fortress Suomenlinna/Sveaborg 006C
What a beautiful day to cross to the Gulf of Finland. Passing the sea fortress Suomenlinna/Sveaborg.
Loomade Hoiupark, Shelter's vet clinic 018C
As Canelo was with us (as always on road trips) we had to visit a vet clinic to give him a tablet to prevent tapeworm. It was so hard to find there without the navigator. We got totally lost. Luckily a very nice, very polite and very helpful young taxi driver offered to drive in front of us. Thanks to him we were at the clinic in time.  We, of course, paid him the standard fare for the route.
Virtsu Kuivastu Ferry 028C
In line to embark the ferry Virtsu-Kuivastu. A 25 minutes crossing.
Virtsu Kuivastu Ferry 035C
Ferry in the other direction; Kuivastu-Virtsu.

Day 2.
First night campsite 001C
Arriving Muhu Island at about 6:30 pm (on Tuesday = Day 1.) Leif didn’t want to go any further. I still had wanted to drive the about 75 km to Kuressaare. I agreed to stay both for Leif and Canelo. There was a small campsite close to the harbor. Nice and neat.
Campsite service building 003C
The service building.
Beautiful roses 004C
Beautiful roses.
Morning coffee at the harbor cafeteria 023C
Next morning, instead of making our coffee in the camper, we had it down in the harbor cafeteria where we enjoyed the nice view.
The 4 km road from Muhu to Saaremaa 033C
7The 4 km road, the stretch, from Muhu onto Saaremaa is beautiful on a summer morning. Must be hard to drive if strong winds.
Strolling in Kuressaare 051c
Strolling around in Kuressaare.
Strolling in Kuressaare 053C
Strolling around in Kuressaare.
Kuressaare market place 057C
Strolling around in Kuressaare. The small market place.
Kuressaare market place 062C
Clothing stalls, fish, handicraft, flowers etc
Zurra Murra Cafeteria 088c
We had coffee and salmon quiche at ZurraMurra and enjoyed the view to the castle.
Kuressaare Castle 103C
Entering the castle yard.
Kuressaare Castle 111C
Exit the castle yard.
Leif and Canelo 109C
Walking around already for hours we had to sit down in the shade of the tree to rest for awhile.
Kuressaare beach 085c
When we saw the beach Leif said he will go there later in the afternoon. To my surprise he did and also did he go into to water. He said it was nice and warm, plus 22 degrees Celsius.

Kuressaare 130cc
Strolling in the city center

At John Bull's 143C
On the way back to the camper there was a nice pub John Bull. We were both hungry and thirsty. The beer was good. At first sight the meal looked different from what we are used to. Despite it, it was good.
Canelo 144C
Good thing was dogs were allowed there. Of course we gave him tidbits 🙂
Kuressaare Castle 135C
While eating it was nice to watch people slowly rowing . . .

Day 3.
 Suur Tõll sculpture 122C
Suur Tõll by Tauno Kangro in front of the SPA Hotel Meri. The sculpture depicts Suur Toll (the Great Toll), a mythical hero of the island Saaremaa, and his wife Piret.
Suur Tõll IMG_4486C
We asked the tourist information for a campsite within walking distance to the city center. They recommended the city campsite, on the Hotel Meri’s parking lot. It was perfect for us. From there we were able to enjoy the views of the castle, the guest harbor and the sculpture right from having morning coffee in the camper. Next to us at the campsite was a very nice couple from Great Britain, from the northern parts of Wales. I regret we didn’t exchange contact information.  We happened to leave for the mainland on the same ferry but only had time for quick hellos and goodbyes.
Kaali Crater  019C Kaali Crater 022C Kaali Crater Museum img_4493cc
On the way back from Kuressaare we stopped at the Kaali Meteorite Crater. They say a big meteorite and several small ones hit the ground about 4000 years ago, maybe even 7000 years. ago. My pictures are from the main crater. What an explosion it was to make such a huge hole !
Images shot through the car window 035cc Images shot through the car window 037cc Images shot through the car window 038cc
Images shot through the car window between Virtsu-Tallinn. Back in Tallinn we stayed the night at the 24h parking in the harbor.

Day 4.

After having our morning coffee in the camper we went for a walk. We walked around in the area near the harbor.
Tallinn 006C Tallinn 009C
Leif likes old cars. Leif likes old cars. Of course I took a picture of him and the car. After strolling around, I don,t know for how long, I suggested we take city sightseeing tour. We took the Tallinn City Tour – Blue Line.
On city sightseeing tour 019C
Canelo on the city sightseeing. I would have loved to have him on the seat between us but there were so many tourists. It might not even been allowed. Anyway, it was a hot day,  the floor probably was the coolest and best place for him.
On city sightseeing tour 025C
On city sightseeing tour 030C On city sightseeing tour 035ccc On city sightseeing tour 036cc On city sightseeing tour 041C

The five pictures above are just snap shots from the tour through the window. It is an one hour tour. It takes you to the following places:

Viru square
Toompea Castle
Kristiine Shopping Centre
Open Air Museum
Zoo/Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre
Hotel Tallinn/Meriton
Balti Jaam/Old town
AB- terminal, cruise ship terminal
Seaplane harbor
Viru square

We didn’t have the time to hop on hop off. Next time we visit Tallinn we will take the tour again, or on other route as there are many. We will hop on and off at the places that interest us.

Yay, home sweet home 🙂 Back at  9:45 pm. It was a short, four days (three nights) trip. The weather was great, sun from clear blue sky, temperature about 28-30 degrees Celsius. There truly would have been much more to explore both inKuressaare and Saaremaa but for now I’m satisfied with all we experienced.

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