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July too was, as June, so, so warm and sunny. I either read or heard it was the warmest ever. So when it dropped from the about 29-33 Celsius we had for weeks, the about 20 which is more normal here, now actually feels cold. Here are some July photos. I have the same photos posted on Instagram. Be well and safe you all !

Midsummer Eve

It was a fantastically beautiful warm Midsummer Eve. Sunshine all day long from practically clear blue skies. Day temperature about 27 degrees Celsius. In the evening and night it was still over 20. At about 10 pm we went down to the lake to enjoy the sunset. Usually there is the the midsummer bonfire and a lot of people. But, as I mentioned In my previous post, the bonfires were not allowed this time because it has been so dry. There was only a few others more than us.

Happy Midsummer 2020

Roses, midsummerThe midsummer is going to be very warm also this year. Last summer no midsummer bonfires were allowed because it was very dry. Also now it has been warm and dry. So, even if it was raining once earlier this week and again last night I think that, because of both the dry and the coronavirus the bonfires will not be allowed this time either.  Take care, be safe !


Cindy, our neighbor's dog P2220455C3

Yesterday we had the joy and pleasure to have Cindy, our neighbor’s dog, here for the day. She is still very young and full of energy. I think she’s 10 or 11 months. She is used to us. We take her out for short walks in the middle of the day when needed. This was the second time she stayed the day with us. She’s adorable. Her eyes are so beautiful and she behaves so well. Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs all day long. We stayed indoors most of the time. When the rained stopped for a couple of short times we played with a football on the front yard.

In about two and half week Pero will be back. Last time he was here for 10 days, This time he will be here for 5 days. Nice.