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July too was, as June, so, so warm and sunny. I either read or heard it was the warmest ever. So when it dropped from the about 29-33 Celsius we had for weeks, the about 20 which is more normal here, now actually feels cold. Here are some July photos. I have the same photos posted on Instagram. Be well and safe you all !


Butterfly  Common Brimstone IMG_9003CYesterday it was the warmest day so far. Sunshine all day. I saw this yellow butterfly flutter around in the garden. A common brimstone. We call them lemon butterflies. I took my camera and went outside and took some photos. The lens was not the best possible for photographing butterflies. But, had I went back indoors to switch to an other lens the butterfly probably had fluttered away. There is not much to photograph now because we are staying at home. Only time we go out doors is into the garden or to drive to the supermarket to pick up groceries we have bought online. Take care all !

Creepy Creeps

Creeps on thistleCreeps on thistleI went to look for the caterpillar on the thistle plant. Yes, it’s still there. There also was a spider so I took a couple of photos. When editing I wondered what are those tiny black spots. I cropped it. Eeeek ! They are tiny creepy creeps. I know, they are so small but, I’m a wimp and the smaller a thing the more creepy to me. I told my husband to have the plant removed today. Anyway, the plant didn’t even belong in my day lily bench. Bye plant, bye tiny creepy insects.

Bumblebee & Caterpillar

Bumblebee on pink thistleBumblebee on pink thistleI was photographing pink thistles yesterday when a bumblebee landed on one of them. Great color hair. It looks so soft I almost wanted to touch it.

ThistleThistle/BurdockThistle/Burdock/caterpillarI have been looking forward to see what kind and color the flowers of the “huge thistle” in my flower bench will look like. The plant now is about 130 cm tall and the “flowers” look like burdock. I took some photos and was about to leave when I saw this beautiful green/white with a bit of yellow caterpillar. He was eating the leaves and had already had plenty of them.

Broad-bodied chaser

Our good friends invited us for afternoon coffee yesterday. It was a lovely, warm day. Suddenly I saw this dragonfly. I said, oh, look, look ! ? My friend said it’s a dragonfly. She had searched for information about it on the internet and found out it is a broad-bodied chaser. I have never seen this kind of dragonfly and my friend said neither has she. According to Wikipedia it is one of the most common dragonflies in Europe and Asia. I wish I had had my tripod with me. Without it, the photos are what they are. Thank you dear friends for having us and for the delicious rhubarb pie.


ant on flower turned to photo art using Prisma art app.There are ants on some of the flowers in the garden. I wonder how to get rid of them. I read insects don’t like spices. Well, they disappear for awhile but then return. Today I took pictures of them just for fun. As soon as they see me with the camera they hide under both flowers and leaves. They are super fast. None of the pictures were sharp enough. I gave up and turned one to photo art using Prisma art app.

Insect on the Dahlia

In the morning I was in the back yard cutting off dahlia flowers already bloomed. I saw this insect which at first, to me, didn’t look interesting at all. Then he flew to the next flower and I could see his colors. Red, yellow, light green, gray and black. I went back in to pick the camera. I think this insect doesn’t do any harm to the plant on the contrary, he is doing the pollination and sucking honey.

Insect on the red/white dahliaInsect on the red/white dahliaInsect on the red/white dahlia