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July too was, as June, so, so warm and sunny. I either read or heard it was the warmest ever. So when it dropped from the about 29-33 Celsius we had for weeks, the about 20 which is more normal here, now actually feels cold. Here are some July photos. I have the same photos posted on Instagram. Be well and safe you all !


Butterfly  Common Brimstone IMG_9003CYesterday it was the warmest day so far. Sunshine all day. I saw this yellow butterfly flutter around in the garden. A common brimstone. We call them lemon butterflies. I took my camera and went outside and took some photos. The lens was not the best possible for photographing butterflies. But, had I went back indoors to switch to an other lens the butterfly probably had fluttered away. There is not much to photograph now because we are staying at home. Only time we go out doors is into the garden or to drive to the supermarket to pick up groceries we have bought online. Take care all !