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GerberasHere is a photo of a bouquet of Gerbera I bought in the middle of last week. I read on the net they can last for two weeks or longer without wilting if you prepare them properly. Which I did, so I think I will be able to enjoy them for quite a while still 🙂 That’s if they were fresh when I bought them 😉


Tiger Lily

Last fall when my childhood best friend visited us she brought us tiger lily plants. On Tuesday morning when I looked out the window the first one was in bloom. Today there are three in bloom and there will be many more.

Strawberry Candy Daylily

I thought the Strawberry Candy lily wouldn’t bloom at all this summer. Usually first flowers flower in the last days of July. I was happy to, at about the end of July, finally see three stems grow taller day by day. On Friday 11th August the first flower was in bloom. Each stem has about 12-10 buds. I will be able to enjoy new flower(s) still for about one week. Nice.

Lilium Martagon

I had forgotten the name of this flower so I looked it up on Google where it says it’s also called Turk’s cap. I learned the flower may be from pink, purple and white to brown and even black. I have seen them only in pink and white. I don’t have of these in my garden. These grow in the garden of a friend of mine. Google also mention it’s highly toxic to cats.

My Friends !

halloween-2016c❤ ❤ ❤

I bought this cute little Kalanchoe blossfeldiana(Flaming Katy, tulilatva) in this cute little pot with cat, pumpkins and bats on it. There are no outdoor flowers in bloom this time of the year nor beautiful sunsets to photograph. So, why not a picture of the Halloween pot. Of course, my little helper Jacky hurries to offer help. To his disappointment I moved him away when he started to bite the leaves. I read on internet that these plants are toxic to cats and dogs