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Happy Birthday Jacky ! 2 years

❤ ❤ ❤


Flower Bench Invaders

Thistle IMG_6489CJacky in the flower bench IMG_6510CHuge thistle and Jacky in my flower bench ! I will let it stay till it will bloom and I will be able to shoot some photos. Jacky loves to lay in the flower bench. The bricks and the chicken wire are there to stop him from digging around the day lilies.

Formula 1 Season Start

Yay ! Jacky’s  and my favorite TV programme. At 8 am we both were like glued to the TV screen watching the qualifications. Looking forward to tomorrow’s race. The photos are quick snap shots and are no good but, despite that, I think Jacky is so cute.

Riihimäki Museums

Yesterday I was in Riihimäki together with friends. We visited three museums. Riihimäki Art Museum, The Finnish Glass Museum and the Historical Museum.

As you can see, it was a such a beautiful crispy sunny winter day. Look at the gorgeous, friendly, cuddly cat we met near the Glass Museum. He would have loved us to stay longer to pet him. I think he too enjoyed the lovely winter day. We walked from the railway station to all the different museums. Even if we took a taxi from the Glass Museum to the last museum, the Historical Museum, there was not much time for the visit there. On the way back home I wish I could have stopped the train to take photos of the most gorgeous sunset in a long time. I tried to shoot through the window but the train run too fast.