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Just snowy trees . . .

Same tree

Trees with lights

Snowy trees



our cat Jacky img_7126ccour cat Jacky img_7123cour cat Jacky img_7122c

New year new photos of Jacky. I realized I don’t have many photos of him out doors in the winter time. Here he is on the terrace. He is so sweet, love him ❤

Street Art

Yesterday, we (actually my husband) had some errands to take care of in Helsinki, Pasila. While he was taking care of the things he had to do I went for a walk to spot street arts. Brrr, it was cold ! Only minus 13 degrees Celsius. But, the wind made it feel like 23 ! After just a short walk across the street I found these three wall paintings I had not seen before. I quickly took the pictures and walked back to the car. Luckily I needed not wait for too long for my husband to be back. When driving away I saw a very nice piece of art which I hope to take photos of next time we go there. Which will be soon.

A Fox

Fox 20181215_180958_HDRCYesterday I went out for a walk at about 6:00 o’clock pm. I saw a woman with her dog. They both were staring at something in our neighbor’s garden. She said look a fox. She was right. The fox was staring back at us. I slowly took my phone from the pocket and shot three photos. I was not sure I would be able to use any of them. Then I continued my, about 2 km, walk. I thought, maybe the fox still will be there when I return. He was gone.