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Wolf Pencil Drawing

The last time I drew a wolf, I said I would never draw one again. In fact, to never draw anything ever never again. Some time ago I saw a picture of a wolf. Probably, photographed by the the same photographer of the same wolf that I have already drawn twice before. Just slightly photographed from a different angle. Well, I could not resist making a third attempt. As always, I’m not happy with the result. But my husband says, as usual, it is good enough. Hmm, I better not say ever never again ­čśë

Doodle Art

It was so much fun and so relaxing to draw the first one so I did two more. Luckily my husband had one more marker. I said the one I already posted had two many sections. Well, these have the same amount. I should have planned the lines a bit better. My husband suggested I draw even more of them the we can use them as wallpaper. Yeah right ! Hah-hah-haaa.Doodle drawing 20200329_135547_HDRCDoodle drawing 20200331_171805_HDRCC

Doodle Art

Doodle handprint art 20200328_092748_HDRCCMy hand

I yesterday happened to see a nice clip on YouTube, by the Craft Train, how to make a doodle hand print art. I remembered that I have exactly the same color yellow and purple drawing papers for handcraft at home. Here is my version. I made way too many sections compared to the ones I saw on YouTube. Anyway, it was so nice and very relaxing. I’d love to make an other one right the way but, my marker pen, felt tip pen run out of ink.

Naïvists at Iittala

Today we were in Iittala at the Na├»ve art exhibition together with good friends. It’s celebrating it’s 30th year this year. Last year we were there for the first time. It is so nice. All the paintings make you feel so good. Lots of cute animals and flowers which I love. One walks around smiling broadly. There are so many small details in the paintings to find out, to discover. After some thinking, I have to say my favorite artist this year is Riitta Kolari. Our friends live not far away from Iittala and asked us to come to them for afternoon coffee. Thank you so much for the nice company at the exhibition and for the good coffee.

2018 January 1st

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and Day. Here are some photos from yesterday, my first day of the year. A few centimeters of new fresh white snow in the morning covering the remains of the New Year’s fireworks. A new drawing which I’m not satisfied with at all. And, my first time, beetroot blue cheese casserole. It was yummy.