Road Trip Lapland Fall 2011

Thursday September 8

I’m so excited ! We are going on a road trip to Lapland with friends. Today we are driving to our friends to stay the night there. Early tomorrow we are heading northwards.

The day was mostly cloudy and rainy.

Friday September 9

Yeah ! On the road. Chrisu, our friend, behind the wheel. About 600 km = 370 mile drive, the weather changing from sunshine to rain all the time, we arrived in Oulu, Nallikari at about 5 pm. Nice ! It was sooo good to go for a walk.

The weather in Oulu . . . absolutely lovely. Beautiful sunset. Very warm.

Kippis ! Well done Chrisu !

Saturday September 10

Yikes ! Last night. Friday evening ! Cars coming and going. The music at full blast. Eventually it all calmed down and we were able to sleep.

In the morning Lefa and I asked if we, on our way up, could go via Tornio and drive along the Tornio river to Kolari. The river flows along the Finnish-Swedish border. The views are beautiful. Again, Chrisu doing the hard work. Driving all the way. A 400 km / 250 mile drive.

“Our wonderful home for one week”

Sanna and Chrisu offered us to sleep in the house. Only we are so used to sleep in the camper and chose to do so also this time. It’s cozy 🙂

Sunday September 11

Restaurant Tuikku

The day was gray, drizzling most of the day, the clouds hanging over the fell. Despite the poor visibility we decided to climb the mountain. Well . . .  not by foot but  by car 🙂

Monday September 12

No sunshine ! Raining, drizzling. Wet, wet, wet. We went to fell Pallastunturi some 65 km drive away. Hoping there would at least be sunshine for a short period. Nope, the Weather Gods  had planned for rain and so it was raining all the day.

Hotel Pallastunturi

Tuesday September 13



Nope, no change for any better visibility nope !

 Wednesday September 14

Levin Tori, Hotel and Business Centre


 Hot Tub

 The hot tub bath was a great experience. I liked it 🙂 Instead of the starry sky we had wished for it was (of course) raining. It didn’t matter. The water was warm.

Thursday September 15

Finally we were able to enjoy the views 🙂 I only can imagine how beautiful it had been on a clear sunny day. A very polite, nice man offered to shoot the picture of Sanna and me when almost on the top of the fell.

Friday September 16

Alarm clock set on 4:00 am. At 5:30 am we began the long drive back home. Chrisu was driving practically all the way. Lefa and I we were back at home at 9:00 pm. Stepping out from the car the ground seemed to sway.

A great week ! Many thanks to our good friends for having us there.

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