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My Cat Jacky

Autumn at it’s best. Warm, sunny days. About 15-18 degrees. Blue skies. Here are some photos from the last few days. The dahlia ”Fire and Ice” is still in bloom. A yellow autumn hawkbit and the rose nip. Plus two photos of our cat Jacky. He is eating grass.

Red/White Dahlia

The red/white dahlia has been in bloom already for some time now. The flowers are always in red and white. There may be more or less of the white color but, the red is practically always dominating. Last week I saw one almost only in white. The red/whites are about 8 cm in diameter. The white is much smaller. I think only half the size. But, sooo beautiful, at least in a close up photo.

Insect on the Dahlia

In the morning I was in the back yard cutting off dahlia flowers already bloomed. I saw this insect which at first, to me, didn’t look interesting at all. Then he flew to the next flower and I could see his colors. Red, yellow, light green, gray and black. I went back in to pick the camera. I think this insect doesn’t do any harm to the plant on the contrary, he is doing the pollination and sucking honey.

Insect on the red/white dahliaInsect on the red/white dahliaInsect on the red/white dahlia

New Dahlia

Dahlia Fire and Ice
Our friends gave us a bag of three dahlia tubers in the spring. The packaging label says  ‘Fire and Ice’.  I was afraid I had planted them upside down as it took very long before I was able to see anything growing in the pot. I have looking forward to see if they match the picture.

Now my ‘Fire and Ice’ is in bloom. It is very different from the picture . More fire than ice. The flowers are very beautiful. I have looked for images on the net and found some pictures that look like my flowers. They call them Anemone Dahlia. I think that is what mine is.
Dahlia img_7189cc
There will be many, many flowers. Here is the first one in bloom.
Dahlia IMG_7211CC
Isn’t it very much like anemones or what ?
Dahlia p7260035cc
Fire yes, ice no. No matter what, I love it. I hope it will stay with us many years to come