We Miss Our Canelo

Yesterday was one sad, sad day. We had to let the vet put him down. He would have turned 12 on May 16th. We miss him so much. I can’t stop crying.

Rest in peace dear Canelo. You will always be in our hearts  ❤ ❤ ❤

Our Spanish Water Dog CaneloOur Spanish Water Dog Canelo



The traditional snow/ice-racing for old, vintage, museum age mopeds and motorbikes, arranged by Stadin Pärtsärit, was held in Helsinki at Tattarisuo go kart track yesterday. A perfect day for this kind of outdoor events. Sunshine, no wind, not too cold, only about minus 10 C.

Lego Art Exhibition

Yesterday we were at the Lego Art Exhibition at Iso Omena shopping Center in Esbo. The Exhibition opened on Feb 6 and will close tomorrow. Even if Iso Omena is only, an about, 20 minute drive from us we hardly ever go there. Now, however, was a good time to go there. To, as we say; “catch two flies with one hit”. Meaning to see both the renovated, enlarged shopping center and the Lego arts. Both were so worth the drive. The shopping center is huge compared to the one we visit daily and also the Lego Arts, in my opinion, are huge. Imagine how many Lego bricks and hours to build them and how much they weigh ! My favorite is the tiger with the cub. I thought the ones at Omena were huge. I googled and saw even much bigger ones at different exhibitions around the world !

Riihimäki Museums

Yesterday I was in Riihimäki together with friends. We visited three museums. Riihimäki Art Museum, The Finnish Glass Museum and the Historical Museum.

As you can see, it was a such a beautiful crispy sunny winter day. Look at the gorgeous, friendly, cuddly cat we met near the Glass Museum. He would have loved us to stay longer to pet him. I think he too enjoyed the lovely winter day. We walked from the railway station to all the different museums. Even if we took a taxi from the Glass Museum to the last museum, the Historical Museum, there was not much time for the visit there. On the way back home I wish I could have stopped the train to take photos of the most gorgeous sunset in a long time. I tried to shoot through the window but the train run too fast.