Soft Gingerbread

Soft gingerbread with Philadelphia cheese & lingonberry topping img_2732cSoft gingerbread with Philadelphia cheese & lingonberry topping img_2736cI saw a picture of soft gingerbread with Philadelphia cheese/lingonberry jam topping. Had to make them. Of course my “breads” don’t look as nice and delicious as did the ones in the picture in the “Hemmets Journal”. But, my husband was happy and said mine were fine and yummy. Maybe I will make some for Christmas. Who knows🙂


Bird img_2715cJacky img_2719cJacky img_2718cJacky img_2721cJacky has not been outdoors for a month. Either the weather’s been lousy, it’s been too cold or we have been busy.Today was the perfect time to go explore the outside world again. Jacky was much more relaxed this time. He sat a good time by the fence just enjoying different smells listening to all the sounds. Then ! A bird came and sat on the branch above him. He was trembling with excitement. The bird sat there for a good while. He looked at the both of us and made some sound. Sounded like cluck, cluck. A bit like a hen. When my husband returned from the store and drove to the yard the bird flew away.

Jacky . . .

Yesterday I helped “dad”. I kept track on the peelings, of the about 100 peel and seal envelopes. He threw the peels onto the bed. It was pretty fun to catch them. Although he was a bit slow and I had to wait for the next one and next one . . .

Jacky img_2679cJacky img_2695c

Sour Cream Sugar Cake

I noticed a 2 dl tetra pack of whipping cream in the fridge. The best before had expired weeks ago. So, I made a quick and simple sour cream sugar cake.Sour Cream Sugar Cake img_2652c

2 dl sour cream, 1 ½ cups sugar, 1 ½ cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 egg Whisk egg and sugar. Mix flour and baking powder. Add it and the sour cream to the whisked egg and sugar. Bake in 175 Celsius for about 35 min.

New Lookout Spot

Jacky img_2622c Jacky loves his window sill in the utility room. (Blog post Oct. 2) He spends a lot of time up there. The window is too high up for me to see what he sees. I know there are birds and squirrels. But, not all the time. So I think he often just meditates. Last night we put up a new shelf in the bedroom for him to be able to watch what’s going on on the road side of our house. We put the shelf halfway up the window. I looks strange but it doesn’t matter. As long as Jacky is happy we are happy. And he is. I even saw him up there in the middle of the night at some point.

Jacky, two video clips

When I posted the pictures of Jacky on October 6 up on the laundry drying rack we thought he was done with the rack. But how wrong were we ? ! Nope, now it’s his favorite hobby. He’s up there many times a day. I still am afraid he will fall. The floor is so hard. It’s concrete covered with ceramic tiles. I have tightened the cord. I think it’s safer. Some nights we can hear him jump up there after we have turned off the lights at bed time. I can’t believe hi is doing it because it’s pitch dark ! Yesterday when he was up there my husband called me to come look. Really ! Jacky half asleep laying across the rack. My husband suggested we take the rack down. I don’t know. Would have to put it back every time I do the washing. Maybe we have to take it down when we leave Jacky at home alone. Thumbs up he grows out of the habit soon.