Flowers & Jacky

About two weeks ago I bought the Azalea. It had no flowers in bloom yet but many buds. After a couple of days I thought they would not flower at all. But, now look. So beautiful !

The beautiful hyacinths are from a dear friend for the independence day. There is a lovely cent from them.

And then Jacky. When I started to photograph the flowers he so much wanted to be there. I was afraid he would destroy the flowers and had to put him into the bedroom until I was ready. Oh how happy he was when I let him out and allowed him to hop up onto the table.


Christmas Concert

We had the opportunity to go to a Christmas concert held at the St. John’s church in Helsinki. Listening to the beautiful Christmas songs sang by the boy and young men choir Cantores Minores in a church always is a powerful experience. On the way back home we made a quick stop just to shoot a couple of pictures of the Christmas decorations in Esplanade park. I am sure it will look even more beautiful in the dark.

Earl Gray Cookies

Earl Gray Cookies 20171128_123507CCEarl Gray Cookies 20171128_124815CI have had the recipe on my to do list for two years. Finally I made them. According to the recipe the batch make about 50 pieces. They are 4 cm in diameter and ½ cm thick. I think mine are less than 4 cm and thinner than ½ cm because it made about 65 cookies. They are tiny but good. We had some for the afternoon coffee today. The rest I put in a old tin box for Christmas. Well, if we have not eaten them before.

Growing Hyacinths in Water Vases

About a week ago or may be a bit more I bought two packages of hyacinth bulbs in glass vases. I said to my husband, look at these, my mom and aunties used to grow hyacinths in water vases in the 50’s and 60’s. I have to buy a couple. I hope I will be able to grow them. Back home I put them in a kitchen cabinet to put in the vases the next day. But, oops, I had forgotten all about them till today when I happened to open the cabinet. I now have “planted” them, one pink and one blue, according to the instructions on the packages plus that I found more about how to succeed with them on the net. Unfortunately, they will not bloom in time for Christmas but beginning of next years will be nice too.