“Frost Flowers”

"Frost flowers""Frost flowers""Frost flowers"

The Fourth gorgeous winter day in a row. Not too cold, sunshine and only a little bit of snow. Enough to make everything so white and clean. Today there was frost flowers all over. It is quite hard to get good photos of them. I have tried so many times. But, nevertheless I always try again and again.


Birds, thruhsesBirds, thruhsesBirds, thruhsesOn the way to the supermarket we stopped at the gas station. I saw these birds eating rowan berries. I think the birds are some sort of thrush. At first, when I approached, they flew away. I stood there for a while and they returned. I’m pretty happy with the photos but, think that had I had my Canon EOS camera with me with the EF 90-300mm lens the photos might have been a bit better.

Date Balls

Time flies. It is five years since I last made date balls. They are so quick and simple to make so, from now on I will make them more often. At least once a year. The recipe says it makes 22-24 balls. There are only 18 in the photos as we already ate some.

Date ballsDate balls Recipe

200 g fresh dates
1,5 dl (abt. 70 g) Pecan nuts
1 dl (abt. 50 g) cashew nuts
about 1/2 tsp cinnamon
about 1/2 tsp cardamom (which I don’t like so I didn’t use)

Pit the dates. Then put all the ingredients into the food processor. Form about 22-24 small balls. Then roll them in e.g. coconut flakes, almond flour or dark cocoa powder.


geese, gäss, hanhiaStill a flock of geese here ! There has been some frosty nights and also a little bit of snow a couple of times in September and October. But, lately it has been warm, gray and rainy. The huge flocks of geese left about a month ago. It still is pretty warm, about 5-9 degrees Celsius. The weather forecast says it is going to continue the same, at least, for the next ten days. I wonder for how long the geese will stay. Will they migrate at all ?

Art Exhibitions at The Didrichsen Museum

In the end of August the Marita Liulia ehxibition Mysterium. The short, about 20 minutes, film was worth watching. She told so many things about her life and her works.

On Friday, November 8th we visited an other nice exhibition. The best place in the world to paint. Finnish and Swedish artists painting in Önningeby, Åland, during the summers at the end of the 19th century. Beautiful landscape paintings. Also this time we sat down to watch an about 20 minute film about the Rönningeby and the Artist. Next time, if there will be a next time, I visit Åland Islands I will visit Önningeby and the Önningeby museum.