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Korkeasaari Helsinki Zoo

We saw a clip of the three amur leopard cat with her kittens on the news about a month ago. We right away decided to visit the zoo. On Saturday we went there. The main attraction was the three kittens Maia, Mesi and Murmur. Wow, how lucky we were. The kittens were awake and playing with each other. They are now two months old and absolutely adorable. Unfortunately my phots of the kittens are no good.

Below random snap shots.

Strawberry Plant

I bought this strawberry plant some time ago. I know one plant does not give many berries but the plant looks nice. Now the berries begin to ripen. So, there is going to be a few ones for us each. Today when I surfed the internet I saw this cute strawberry shaped pot. It would be a cool, cute thing to have.

The plant and pot to the right are not mine. I shot the photo from my computer screen for you to see what I mean. If I sometime, somewhere happen to see one I will buy one.

Midsummer Eve

It was a fantastically beautiful warm Midsummer Eve. Sunshine all day long from practically clear blue skies. Day temperature about 27 degrees Celsius. In the evening and night it was still over 20. At about 10 pm we went down to the lake to enjoy the sunset. Usually there is the the midsummer bonfire and a lot of people. But, as I mentioned In my previous post, the bonfires were not allowed this time because it has been so dry. There was only a few others more than us.

Cold / Snow

After a few warm (about 16-18 degrees Celsius) days in the beginning of May it has, for the last week and a half, been pretty chilly. Night temperatures below zero. On Monday there was a ”snowstorm”. Well, almost. Also on Wednesday it was  snowing a little. This morning everything was again white. So many fruit trees are about to bloom and the animals may have or will have babies soon. I hope it will be, at least, a little warmer soon.

Spring or . . .

Narcissus IMG_8916CAfter several cold nights with temperatures of about minus 10 Celsius it yesterday was a nice warm day. Plus 9 degrees Celsius. I took the narcissus out. I’m glad I didn’t leave it there yet.

Jacky sat in the new mini green house keeping an eye on my doings. The temperature is going to stay low over the weekend. The narcissus has to stay indoors until it get’s a little warmer.

snowy plantIt snowed a little last night. It looks like time turned back and it is November.

When shooting the snowy plant a plane flew over. So I turned my camera towards it and took a couple of photos. We live about 15 km away from the airport. Well, probably less by air.