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I hope your January was good and safe and now wish you all a Happy Safe February.

Yesterday morning my husband woke me with a ”Happy February”. Really ? ! Already February. It feels like it was 1st of January yesterday. Here are some January photos. For several winters there has been hardy no snow. Now there is a lot. I love it. It is beautiful and reminds me of my childhood wonderful winters. But, the strange thing is there is a lot of snow even in countries, places where there hardly ever is snow.

Christmas sweets

Christmas is right around the corner. I have baked some gingerbreads and made date nut balls. Of course there are no left so I will make some more next week right before Christmas Eve. As I this morning edited the photos from yesterday my dear cat Jacky, as usually, kept on eye on my doings. I wish you all Happy Safe Holidays !

Yellow Cake & Orange Lily

Cakes 20190705_152940_HDRC

Today I made a cake. The same recipe I used for Valentine’s day. The Valentine’s cakes were topped with pink marzipan. Today I used yellow.

Yellow lilyYellow lilyYellow lily IMG_7866C

I’m so, so happy. The yellow lily which I thought was gone forever is in bloom. Two stems. I’m not sure about the name but, think it’s a Orange Stargazer Lily.

Shrove Sunday

shrove buns, fastlagsbullar, laskiaispullatshrove buns, fastlagsbullar, laskiaispullatHappy sunny Shrove Sunday ! Such a nice weather today for outdoor activities. I made shrove buns in the morning. We usually have the same discussion every year whether to have the shrove buns on Shrove Sunday or Shrove Tuesday. When I was a kid we used to have them only on Tuesday. But, at least this time we will have them both days as I made plenty.