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Already mid March ! ! A couple of friends and my husband have asked me have I given up the blog as I have not posted anything for one and a half month. Nope, I have not. Only a break for a while. Here, a few photos from February. Stay safe all !


colorful trees reflection 20191018_113107_HDRCcolorful trees reflection 20191015_095643_HDRCYesterday was a gray day. We were driving to the supermarket. I saw the perfect reflection on the lake. I said look, a perfect reflection also today. Doesn’t it look nice also on a gray day. Right when I stepped out of the car a man went out in his rowboat to pick up his fishing net. It caused ripples on the water. I waited a good while for them to disappear but, it took longer than I thought. Then I could see the man was ready to return at any time. It would create new ripples. So, despite no perfect reflection I took a photo. Here are both photos. The one from Tuesday and the other one from yesterday.


Happy 1st of May

The weather has been warm the last two weeks. I think it is the first time the cherry is in bloom this early. This is the 5th spring I am photographing this tree, my favorite cherry tree. It looked a bit smaller this time. My husband noticed one branch is gone. Maybe because of heavy snow. It almost looked like the apple would bloom extra early too. But, there has been a change in the weather. The temperature dropped from plus 20 Celsius daytime to about 10. Also we have had some night frost.

Snowy Tree

snowy tree 20190124_165353cOn January 10th I posted “Snowy Trees” with, among others, two photos of this tree. I have some six, seven favorite trees I take photos of over and over again. Like the old oak tree, the cherry tree, an apple tree, and this one down by the lake and football/ice rink field. It’s a bit like the sunsets I take too many photos of. My husband shakes his head and says, do you really need all of them. No, he is right. I don’t. But . . .