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Mother’s Day & Wedding Day

Here are some random snap shots, taken with my phone, from both Mother’s Day on Sunday 13th and wedding day on Monday 14th. Glorious summer days. Sunday was + 27 degrees Celsius and on Monday 28.


Cherry Blossom

My favorite cherry tree is in full bloom.

I’m so happy that I happened to see this three years ago. I still wonder how it is possible I had not noticed it before because the tree must have been there for years. Well, happy I now know 🙂

Cherry tree, körsbärsträd, kirsikkapuu 20180510_095018CCherry tree, körsbärsträd, kirsikkapuu IMG_6435C

Christmas Tree

20171220_103934CCYesterday we bought a Christmas tree. Immediately we figured out it would be hard to get the tree in the car. The car is a small one and we have no roof rack. My husband suggested I take the car and drive home. He would walk, carry the tree. I didn’t want him to walk as the side walks were slippery and the tree heavy. I said let’s leave the tree, take the car home then walk back and we together carry the tree. Then my husband said why don’t we just squeeze it in. You and Canelo can walk home. We even can cut a bit from the top to make it fit. We turned both the front passenger seat backrest down as well as the back. We got the tree in and, yes, also me and Canelo. So we didn’t need to walk home 🙂

Apple Flowers

I have been quite busy and almost missed photographing the apple flowers. On Monday I saw they started to turn brownish already. I quickly took a couple of pictures. I, of course, have plenty pictures of them from years back but, when they are in bloom I can’t resist them. Jacky was very curious about what I was doing. He climbed up in the tree trying to figure out what was going on. Wednesday was a windy day and all the petals blew away.

Hanami 2017

The Hanami Festival in the cherry park in Roihuvuori was planned to take place last Sunday, May 14. For some reason the arrangers of the event decided to changed it to a week later on May 21, today. That was a good move because had it taken place last Sunday the cherry trees had not been in bloom. Now was the most perfect day for the event. Warm, blue skies, beautiful cherry blossom and, oh my goodness, thousands of visitors. More than ever before.