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Clouds – reflections

clouds, reflections 20180428_173013_HDRCFor weeks it was almost too hard for me to go out for daily walks. It felt meaningless to go out without my dear Canelo. I’m glad I’m now back on track and walking every day. Sometimes it kind of feels he is there with me. Long or short walks, we always combined them with the lake. I love, specially in the summer, how the view changes all the time. Yesterday’s reflections looked nice. Two other persons also took pictures of them.


Snowing . . .

On Tuesday when we changed from summer tires to winter tires it was snowing a little. Not much but, just enough to barely cover the sidewalks so that they looked white. Last night, when I was awake at about 2:30 am I looked out and saw it was snowing. In the morning there was about 2-3 cm of snow. It’s still snowing. Now there is about 7-8 cm. Well, it will not last because weather forecast for the weekend is rain.


On Thursday was the most stunning sunset in a long time. When we, Canelo and I, came down to the lake there was already many others. Everybody shooting lot of photos. I always, always have a camera and also my phone but this time I had no camera and not even my phone. Argh, grrr ! Yesterday half way down to the lake I saw there was an other beautiful sunset. Not as stunning as the day before. I told Canelo to, please, hurry, hurry, hurry. But, we were not quick enough and missed it by only about 3-4 minutes. Hopefully tonight will be yet another gorgeous sunset. Either way, I will be there in good time, cameras and phone ready 🙂


I haven’t been to Malminkartanon huippu since 2011. Back then I went there almost daily to step the 426 steps. I used to do them 2-3 times. It’s an artificial hill about 90 m about sea level. We were to make a trip to Lapland with friends later in the fall 2011. I needed to train to be able to walk up the fell in Levi. The fell is about 530 m. I was happy I had trained even if we didn’t walk all the way up. Just some shorter tracks. Yesterday I went to the Malminkartanohuippu to have a look at what it looks like now. It’s been both on the news and in the papers, sometime ago already, that the steps have been painted. I walked up the hill and then walked the steps down. About the painted steps. I really can’t tell which I prefer. Painted ones or not. But, I will go the more often now while still no frost or snow.

Severe Thunderstorm

Yesterday the Finnish Meteorological Institute warned about severe thunderstorms for the evening. I and Canelo returned from our regular evening walk at about 7 pm. I said to my husband, my goodness you should see the clouds coming in over the lake. It’s gonna be a terrible thunderstorm. We decided to go down there in the car. Five or six other cars were there as well. We needed not wait more than minutes. Everything happened with such speed that my first clip was a mess. I had to run the few meters to get into the car seconds before it broke loose. I immediately regretted, it was foolish to go there. I shot a new clip from inside the car but as I was only concentrating on the storm and not on my camera also this clip is no good at all. Despite the quality I think you can get the picture of how it was.You can hear us talking to each other in disbelief. Then my husband says we have to go home before any of the trees fall down. We turned the car to take the fastest way home. Hold and below ! There was a fallen tree cross the road. We had to take the other way where were many big branches on the road. This strong weather is unusual here. Good thing is it didn’t last for a long time.