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Orange Lilies

Some years ago there was plenty of these orange lilies in the flower bed. I am so pleased to find there still are two stems of them. Both with several flowers. I think it was a mistake to a few  years ago plant the two small bushes of ‘Ölandstok’ / Dasiphora fruticosa in the same bed. They have grown and take a lot of the space. I am going to move them to an other place. My husband says it is a bad idea. That they probably will not survive the move. I hope they will. Because I have found, in my opinion, a much better place for them.

The Thistle is back

My favorite thistle is back. In 2018 there was this tall thistle in the lily bed. But, last summer, to my disappointment, it was gone. So, in the spring, this year, I was pleased to find it back in the flower bed. It is a Spear Thistle (Cirsium vulgare). A tall plant, about 150 cm. It begins to flower now. So there will be more thistle photos 😉

Strawberry Candy Daylily

Daylily IMG_8452CDaylily IMG_8462CDaylily IMG_8466CIn my post of yesterday I mentioned my concern it was too cold for the petals of the first Strawberry Candy daylily flower to unfold. Luckily I was wrong. It was a bit chilly in the morning and it took the flower a bit longer to unfold than usually. The afternoon was nice and warm and the flower unfolded to normal size.