Sunsets Over Lake “Pitkäjärvi”

After about a week of sunny spring days with day temperatures of about ten to eleven degrees Celsius the temperature dropped. For the last few days it’s been just above/under zero degrees. I feel sorry for the spring flowers waking up too early. For the time being there’s not very much inspiring me to photograph more than the beautiful sunsets over the lake “Pitkäjärvi”. I just can’t resist any of them. I have plenty of pictures of sunsets over the lake from the last 14 years of photographing with digital cameras. Very often when I show my husband the newest pictures he gives the pictures a quick look and says; I think I have seen these before. I say no, no, you have not ! These are pictures I took about 30 minutes ago. Okay, he says, I can’t tell any difference, they all look the same. Well, to me, they all are different 🙂

sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8719C sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8741C sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8760C

2 thoughts on “Sunsets Over Lake “Pitkäjärvi”

  1. saxsilverain

    my husband says the same about my clothes… they’re all the same to him. 😀 sweet men, huh??

    but anyway, very nice sunset pics!! i wonder if you also take sunset pics in different cities/countries, for example when you’re on a holiday. one day you can have a photography exhibition showing sunsets around the world. 😉

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you for yet an other nice comment. Oh no 😀 yes, sweet men 😉
      I wish I had had a digital camera when I, years ago, visited Manila, Rio de Janerio and Hanoi. Such beautiful sunsets in all three places.


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