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On Thursday was the most stunning sunset in a long time. When we, Canelo and I, came down to the lake there was already many others. Everybody shooting lot of photos. I always, always have a camera and also my phone but this time I had no camera and not even my phone. Argh, grrr ! Yesterday half way down to the lake I saw there was an other beautiful sunset. Not as stunning as the day before. I told Canelo to, please, hurry, hurry, hurry. But, we were not quick enough and missed it by only about 3-4 minutes. Hopefully tonight will be yet another gorgeous sunset. Either way, I will be there in good time, cameras and phone ready ūüôā

Autumn Evening

Brown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed img_1945cBrown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed img_1954cBrown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed img_1955cIt was a beautiful evening yesterday. No wind, still warm, +15 C, sunshine. I usually make an about 30 min. evening walk with Canelo. This time I made it a bit longer. I stopped to take many more pictures than usually. The flowers against the wall of the container looked so pretty. I think they are either Brown Knapweed or Greater Knapweed.Rowan berries img_1968cRowan berries img_1969cThen I stopped to shoot rowan berries.A drone with camera img_1986c When I was about to go back home a guy took out a drone with a camera from his trunk. I asked him would it be OK for me to shoot a couple of pics. Yes, yes, he said, no problem. He turned the drone on. I got one picture when it was still on the ground ready to go. Then it took off. Swoooooosh ! It scared Canelo so he almost pulled me down. When I looked up the drone was hundreds of meters up in the sky. I stood there staring up until my neck became stiff.Sunset img_1991c I turned around and saw the sun had just set. A couple of more pictures of the sunset and then we started to walk back home. It started to get dark. On the road I heard a car coming from behind. I stepped aside to let it pass. WHAT ! ? My husband ! He rolled down the window and said where have you been ? Why didn’t you answer the phone ? You have been away for two hours ! Have we been away that long ? I didn’t realize, time flew. Sorry ! I set the phone on silent during the language lesson and forgot to set it back. Really, he was worried enough to go look for me. I didn’t think he would ūüėČ And how many pictures did I take ? Oh my, 60 !

Midsummer Sunset

Sunset IMG_9659C

At 10:45 pm about one hour before sunset here in the south of Finland.

Also this year our friends invited us to celebrate the Midsummer at their summer place. We had a great time. ¬†Thank you, dear friends, so much for having us ūüôā

Today the summer solstice takes place. Here in the south of Finland the sunrise is at 3:54 am, sunset at 22:50. Dusk to dawn is 1:52 minutes.

Sunsets Over Lake “Pitk√§j√§rvi”

After about a week of sunny spring days with day temperatures of about ten to eleven degrees Celsius the temperature dropped. For the last few days it’s been just above/under zero degrees. I feel sorry for the spring flowers waking up too early. For the time being there’s not very much inspiring me to photograph more than the beautiful sunsets over the lake “Pitk√§j√§rvi”. I just can’t resist any of them. I have plenty of pictures of sunsets over the lake from the last 14 years of photographing with digital cameras. Very often when I show my husband the newest pictures he gives the pictures a quick look and says; I think I have seen these before. I say no, no, you have not ! These are pictures I took about 30 minutes ago. Okay, he says, I can’t tell any difference, they all look the same. Well, to me, they all are different ūüôā

sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8719C sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8741C sunset over lake Pitkäjärvi IMG_8760C

Spring :)

For the last four to five days we have had so lovely spring weather. Yesterday plus 11 degrees Celsius. Sunshine all days long. I’m so happy as from now on for about 6, almost seven months no snow and no slippery roads. I saw snowdrops, plenty snowdrops (Galanthus) in a garden. I so much wanted to go there and take some pictures, some close ups. But I couldn’t make myself do it even if I know the old couple don’t live there anymore. I leaned against¬†the fence in order¬†to keep the camera steady to zoom in the flowers. Oops ! I almost broke the old wooden fence. I got the picture. Not a good one but you can recognize the snowdrops.
Snowdrops img_8670cc

Sunset IMG_8657C Sunset IMG_8659C

The sunset pictures are from Saturday at about 6 p.m. On the 29th we are going to change to summer time = daylight saving time . I like it. I know most people don’t. By the way, I’m still working on Canelo’s spring coat. It takes time because instead of using a clipper I use scissors. He looks a bit funny now as all four legs and the chest are already done.

Have a nice spring !