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Happy Easter !

IMG-4527 Easter  2015 C

 I wish you all a Happy Easter 2015 !

 What a change from the many warm sunny days and no snow on the ground to, I think, more snow than during the whole winter. Yes, it snowed for 24 hours on March 30. Lot of it already has melted but some still will remain over the Easter holidays.

The Black Grouse

I was having my morning coffee when my husband, who was out walking Canelo, called me. Yes, this time he called me 🙂 You better grab your camera and come quickly he said. The black grouse is here again. This time with two female. I was still in my pyjamas but I dressed fast as a fire fighter. On the road I saw the bird running towards me. He is a fast runner. I was able to take two pictures and a short video clip before he disappeared. I think neither the pictures or the clip are good but my husband says they are good enough to post on my blog. I still hesitated but after all decided to post them. At least you can hear how the black grouse sounds. Unfortunately I saw no female birds. But, who knows, maybe I soon will be lucky enough to see them also.

Black grouse img_8818cc Black grouse IMG_8819C