The Printer

After all the cleaning, deep cleaning, roller cleaning, bottom cleaning, washing, checking settings my printer still does not work properly ! Of course there may be many other things too which cause the failure. The reason for not printing properly probably is that I use it much less these days than before.

Perhaps I will contact the Canon service in Helsinki. Why I’m not doing it now is I’m afraid the cost is much more expensive to get the printer checked and fixed there than to buy a new one. I need to really think what to do. I think I need a printer or . . .  do I ?

The first picture is the original, the second one I printed today.
Print color test orig pic IMG_7966C
Print color test IMG_8492C

2 thoughts on “The Printer

  1. saxsilverain

    😦 you can of course just ask first what the cost would be… if they are able to give an estimation. and at the same time already keep your eyes open for special offers for new printers, in case there are good ones on sale? hope you’ll get it done soon.

    PS. i kind of like the broken-printer’s result as well. it reminds me of a certain style in photography, called lomography. 🙂


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