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The Printer

After all the cleaning, deep cleaning, roller cleaning, bottom cleaning, washing, checking settings my printer still does not work properly ! Of course there may be many other things too which cause the failure. The reason for not printing properly probably is that I use it much less these days than before.

Perhaps I will contact the Canon service in Helsinki. Why I’m not doing it now is I’m afraid the cost is much more expensive to get the printer checked and fixed there than to buy a new one. I need to really think what to do. I think I need a printer or . . .  do I ?

The first picture is the original, the second one I printed today.
Print color test orig pic IMG_7966C
Print color test IMG_8492C

Print Head Wash

My Canon MP560 printer has not printed colors properly in a while. I have bought new color cartridges. I have gone through all the maintenance steps like, cleaning, deep cleaning, print head alignment, nozzle check, bottom plate cleaning and roller cleaning. I have checked all the settings both for photo printing and document printing. But nix ! Every time I print the colors are not right. The printer is only three years. I love it and certainly would not want to buy a new one. Looking for hints on the web I found a video clip on YouTube how to wash your print head. So that is what I’m doing now. It’s a last, desperate attempt to get the printer to work properly. The process will take about 8 to 10 hours ! If this doesn’t help I will be very disappointed.

Print Head Wash img_8488CC
The print head on a plate with little water.