Helsinki Samba Carnaval

Yesterday was a nice, sunny, warm, beautiful summer day. Perfect for the XXIII Helsinki Samba Carnaval. We were at the Senaatintori watching the presentation of the groups and gathering for the parade. It was a pleasure to see the dancers happily posing for pictures. A lot of tourists wanted to be photographed with the dancers.

Suddenly I heard someone behind saying my name. I turned, wow, there was a former colleague. I was quite amazed that she was able to recognize me from the behind after five years. Or on the other hand, why not, I’m still as short and fat. Anyway, it was nice seeing her even it was just for a quick hi. She looks exactly the same as then, as young and beautiful.

This time we didn’t stay for the parade as I wanted to hurry home to watch princess Madeleine’s wedding live on TV.

Picture 230_1

Picture 234_1 Picture 239C_1 Picture 261C P6081384C_1 Picture 250 C_1 Picture 264C_1 Picture 275C_1

2 thoughts on “Helsinki Samba Carnaval

  1. Kipa

    Well of course I recognised you 🙂 You haven’t changed one bit! and to be honest, for some reason Helsinki Samba Carneval reminds me of you 🙂 It was nice to see you after such a long time and such a bity I had to run to find my friends.
    Nice pictures you have here, as always 😀


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