Classic Motocross

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 01

Some years ago we were many times each summer at classic motocross races. For the last three or four years we have not been to any. It really was nice to once again be at one. I love the atmosphere, the sound of the bikes, the smell of the fuel etc.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 02 Picture 113_1

Can you believe that we on the way there, despite the navigator, got lost ! I can’t blame Leif because I set the navigator. Once we had to make a stop to wonder where we are and how to find to the motocross truck I stepped out to shoot a picture of the fields, so yellow of ‘Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia’ in bloom.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 P5261369 C_1We arrived it in time for the start.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 P5261372_1C_1Some jumping high,

Motocross Ohkola 2013_06_26 Picture 135_1

Some, ouch ! Luckily the guy was able to restart his bike and continue the race.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 Picture 140_1

Then, my favorites, the sidecar.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 P5261378 C_1

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 Picture 159_1

I think Canelo’s too.

If it had not been for the Monaco Formula1 race at 3 pm we sure had stayed there for much longer.

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