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Classic Motocross

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 01

Some years ago we were many times each summer at classic motocross races. For the last three or four years we have not been to any. It really was nice to once again be at one. I love the atmosphere, the sound of the bikes, the smell of the fuel etc.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 02 Picture 113_1

Can you believe that we on the way there, despite the navigator, got lost ! I can’t blame Leif because I set the navigator. Once we had to make a stop to wonder where we are and how to find to the motocross truck I stepped out to shoot a picture of the fields, so yellow of ‘Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia’ in bloom.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 P5261369 C_1We arrived it in time for the start.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 P5261372_1C_1Some jumping high,

Motocross Ohkola 2013_06_26 Picture 135_1

Some, ouch ! Luckily the guy was able to restart his bike and continue the race.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 Picture 140_1

Then, my favorites, the sidecar.

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 P5261378 C_1

Motocross Ohkola 2013_05_26 Picture 159_1

I think Canelo’s too.

If it had not been for the Monaco Formula1 race at 3 pm we sure had stayed there for much longer.

Tulips From Amsterdam


In the beginning of June 2007 I visited Amsterdam together with a group of colleagues. It was my second visit there. First time was in 1974 when we, my husband and I, went there by car. It was by the way  an real adventure back then. We were camping. We had a small car,  a small tent, no phones, no navigator. I had heard of the tulip fields and was a bit disappointed to not see any as the tulip season was over long ago.

In June 2007 there might still have been lots of blooming tulip fields but there was really no time for a visit to see the fields. Then strolling at the floating tulip markets i bought some bulbs. I can’t remember exactly how many. Maybe five. Anyway not more than ten.

I planted them in the fall. Next spring I think there was two flowers. So far there’s been from one to three flowers. So what a pleasant surprise to this spring be able to enjoy five of them. Three red/orange/yellow ones and two in a different color.

The picture below is one I took last spring further down our road.  There are so many tulips, Most of them are yellow ones. Maybe they are doing best in this zone. You can’t even see them all in the picture. Inspired by these I now decided to buy some more bulbs. I think 20-30 yellow will be fine, I’ll plant them in the fall around our one and only apple tree. I hope to already next spring be able to enjoy the sight of my tulip field.

Tulips IMG_0842 C_1

Jacob’s Stairs

Yes, we call them Jacob’s stairs. That is because we had a dog who originally named Jaakko. When he at about one year old came to us we called him Jacke but many people used the name Jaakko in swedish which is Jakob 🙂 Back then when both Jacke and I where young we used make several short walks and one long walk every day. The long one about seven to ten kilometers. Very often week took these stairs connecting Pitkäjärventie to Huvilatie. We soon began to call them Jacob’s Stairs. Very seldom I have walked the Jacob’s Stairs with Canelo.

The winter was hard. Plenty of snow and very slippery. It was very difficult to really walk. I found out I now need a good exercise. I took the cross trainer in use. It was not working properly last summer now it, unfortunately, is broke. So what now ? Son said go walk the Malminkartanon täyttömäki stairs. Yes, why not, there are 426 steps. I have climbed them, The view from the top is nice. Then, yes, Canelo, let’s go climb the Jaco’s Stairs. There are about 80 steps we can do them for five to six times which makes the same amount steps as täyttömäki. Good thing is they are only about one kilometer away from us. The past week we have walked the stairs up and down and up and down. Good for the legs. Yes 🙂Jacob's stairs Picture 099_1 Jacob's stairs Picture 100_1 Blommande hägg Picture 103C_1Last night on the way home I saw the first bird cherry tree in bloom. The smell is good.

Morther’s Day Cake

I almost burned the cake I baked in the afternoon yesterday.  I put it in the oven for 25-30 minutes. The hockey game Austria-Finland was on. I sat down to, while waiting to take it out, watch the game.  I got caught up and forgot everything else. All of a sudden I noticed a burning smell.  Oh dear, oh dear, I opened the oven. Just in time. One minute more and it had been a total disaster. I had to peel off the black burnt layer. From now on I will use the timer, always 😉
Tårta Picture 074 C_1

Picture 073_1

Kauniala ajot 2013

Vuosi on vierähtänyt ja eilen ajettiin 12. Kauniala ajot. Lefa on ollut ajamassa niitä pari kolme kertaa mutta ei enää neljään viiteen vuoteen. Mieli teksi mutta lonkka ei kestä.Ajoilla hankitaan rahaa sotiemme veteraanien virkistysttoimintaa varten. Eli hyvän asian puolesta ajot. Ajo lähtee Helsingin kauppatorilta Kaunialan sairaalan pihalle.Sää oli lämmin ja aurinkoinen. Ohjelmassa mopojen ihailun, tuttavien tapaamisen lisäksi laulua, rosvopaistia lisukkeineen ja pullakahvit.
Kauniala mopoajot 2013 Picture 058_1

Sininen Monark. Lefalla on samanlainen punainen. Enimmäkseen tapahtumassa näkee pappa tuntureita. Suomen Pappa-Tunturi kun ovat järjestäjiä.

Kauniala mopoajot 2013 Picture 059_1

Jos lotossa tulee täysiosuma niin kuulemma tälläinen on toivelistalla korkealla 🙂

Kauniala mopoajot 2013  Picture 053_1

Kauniala mopoajot 2013 Picture 057_1

Noh kahdesta ei suomalinen luovo, Turun sinapista ja saunasta.  Näytti ihan toimivalta saunalta. Piipusta tuli savua ja ovesta höyryä kun lauteilla istunut mies avasi oven.  Lämmintä sanoi mies. En saanut siitä yhtään onnistunutta kuvaa kun kuvaajia oli, siinä vaiheessa, sen verran paljon.

Kauniala mopoajot 2013 Picture 061_1

Kauniala mopoajot 2013 Picture 066 C_1

Esiintymässä Juha Laitila sekä aina iloinen pirteä Tummat Silmät Ruskea Tukka Paula Koivuniemi. Molemmat muuten osallistuivat ajoon.

Spring Flowers

Yesterday was the first really, really warm day here. Plus 21 Celcius. The nature practically turned green in one day 🙂Snöklocka Snowflake, Lumikello Picture 036_1

Snöklocka Lumikello Spring Snowflake

Leucojum vernum L. Spring Snowflake, Lumikello, Snöklocka

I love the spring snowflake. They are so cute. They are strong and brave enough to stick up their heads through snow and ice.  

Viysippa Valkovuokko Wood Anemone Picture 044_1

Picture 040_1

Vitsippa Valkovuokko Wood Anemone P5081305C_1Anemone nemorsa L. Wood Anemone Valkovuokko Vitsippa

The zillions of wood anemones everywhere are so beautiful and lovely. If I had not such horrible fear of snakes I would sit down on the ground among them for hours.