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Winter Snow/Ice-Racing

On Saturday we went to watch the traditional, yearly winter snow/ice-racing arranged by ”Stadin Pärtsärit” at the Tattarisuo go kart track. This time there was neither snow nor ice. Also there was less participants and spectators as last time, two years ago, when I was there. The event is for old, vintage, mopeds and motorbikes. Most drivers are older guys but there also were some younger enthusiasts. My husband loves old mopeds and motorbikes. Unfortunately he is not able anymore to drive himself because of bad knees and hips. I usually go there for the opportunity to take some photos. It was a bit chilly. Minus 10 degrees Celsius. It is hard to take photos with mittens on. After almost one and a half hour my fingers were stiff so we left before the event ended.

Lux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival

We have only been once before to the light festival event in Helsinki. I think it was six years ago. It may have been the first time it was arranged. This time the event is from 4.1. – 8.1.2020. The route starts from the Senate square where the Church is lit with the art SunWind. Then it continues for about a 2,5 km long route where are 8 more arts to experience. The opening was yesterday at 5 pm. There was a lot of people. At the second stop, The Bridge, the line was looong. It felt like I stood in line for hours. But, from there on it was easier. The weather was nice. No snow, not slippery but, the wind was a bit chilly. So happy I was wearing enough of warm cloths. After the stop at number 5, the Large Fire Tornado, which is a kinetic fire installation which flame reaches a height of 16 m, we went home. There are four more arts we didn’t see. So, we either go to see them or then not.

Lux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_165246_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_170147_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_171122_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_180645_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_181554_HDRC

Memorial for Seafarers

Yesterday on the All Saints Day we, at first, went to lit candles on the graves of all the loved ones. Then to Helsinki to attend the event of the memorial ceremony at the memorial for seafarers. My father in law was a seaman. He and my husband visited the memorial event long ago. I have walked in the park many times but, this was the first time I was there at the event. About ten sea rescue boats sailed by in a parade honoring the event. The wind was pretty hard and cold. It was hard to take photos. My fingers freezing cold and numb. It is sad to think of all those who lost their lives at sea. Most often during horrible weather conditions.

Iron and Kerosene

The event Rauta ja Petrooli / Iron and Kerosene is a yearly event. It is taking place in Riihimäki this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. We visited it yesterday. As it was the last time in the fall, 6 years ago when we were there, it also now was a most beautiful summer day. In fact the last day of the summer, Today it is the 1st of September. Officially the first month of fall. The event mainly is about tractors but there also are all kind of other machines, classic cars, trucks, busses, motorbikes, flea market etc. This year the theme was Massey Ferguson.

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@ The Red Bull Soapbox Helsinki Grand Prix 2019

Yesterday we were at the Red Bull Soapbox Helsinki Grand Prix. The 5th time in Helsinki. We were there in August 2012 when the event was arranged for the 3rd time. Two years ago we planned to go as the event again was held in Helsinki. But, something came up and we were couldn’t go. So, I was happy to, a couple of weeks ago find out the event is back. The Red Bull Soapbox Race is an international event in which amateur drivers race homemade soapbox vehicles. It was just as fun as I remembered it from the last time. Also this time there was a lot of people. Over 60 teams racing. The vehicles/the team’s out fits were crazy and others even more crazy. Anything you possible could imagine. Some vehicles were very fast, some needed to be pushed all the way down the hill, some crashed, a couple lost a tire, one had to be carried down. No matter what, everybody in good mood, smiling, laughing, cheering.

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Visiting both Seurasaari & Tamminiemi

Seurasaari/Fölisön is an open-air museum which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. There are many old buildings transported to there from all around Finland. There are coffee shops, a museum shop and a church. There are held different events during the year. Workshops, events for children and Midsummer bonfire. Yesterday there was a crafts market. I can’t believe it’s 35 years since last time we visited the island.

After Seurasaari we went to visit Tamminiemi/Villa Ekudden which is situated close to Seurasaari. It was the residence of Finland’s presidents from 1940 – 1981. It became the Urho Kekkonen museum in 1987. He was the last president to live there. It was on our list of places to visit for many, many years. My husband have visited it a couple of times before but, yesterday was my first.

National Aerobatic Championships at Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019

During the years we have visited the airport not more than perhaps 5-6 times. This week I happened to see an ad about the aerobatic championships on Facebook. I said to my husband, hey lets go. We were unable to go there on Thursday/Friday when the main championships were held. But, there still was a lot of activity today. Also we wanted go there while it still is there as it sooner or later may be gone. The airport is 80 years old. One of the first airports in Helsinki. The future of Helsinki-Malmi Airport is threatened by the City of Helsinki’s intention to turn it into a residential area.” Good thing is, no binding decisions have been made yet. Thumbs up the city in the end will decide to let the airport stay where it is. “In March 2016 Helsinki-Malmi Airport was selected as one of the 7 Most Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites in Europe.”

As always, we really enjoyed the visit. Here are some photos from today’s visit. Unfortunately my lens refused to take any decent photos of the small planes high up in the sky !National Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 20190706_112856_HDRNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7875CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7878CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7886CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 20190706_110442_HDRCNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7901CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 20190706_112610_HDRC


Midsummer Eve

Yesterday we celebrated the midsummer together with friends at their cottage. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day. In the evening we went down to the lake where the local bonfire was supposed to start at 10 pm. But as it has been pretty dry here for the last weeks or maybe a bit more than a month there was no fire this year. The material for it was there but, because the risk of forest fire was high it was forbidden. Despite no fire, everyone was in a good mood. Enjoying, the music, dancing, popcorn, grilled sausages, coffee, sweet buns etc. Nice !

29th Helsinki Samba Carnaval

As always a very entertaining event. This year we didn’t go to Senate Square because the day was very warm (plus 29 degrees Celsius) and there is no where to stay in the shadow. So we decided to rather stay on the Esplanade, to watch the parade, in the shadow of the trees. Lot of people. The music (very loud) , rhythm, singing, dancing, dancers all is so captivating. And all the colorful dresses. Uff, imagine, those who wore long dresses and heavy headpieces covering all of their head. Must have been sweaty.