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Hanami 2017

The Hanami Festival in the cherry park in Roihuvuori was planned to take place last Sunday, May 14. For some reason the arrangers of the event decided to changed it to a week later on May 21, today. That was a good move because had it taken place last Sunday the cherry trees had not been in bloom. Now was the most perfect day for the event. Warm, blue skies, beautiful cherry blossom and, oh my goodness, thousands of visitors. More than ever before.

Garden Day @ Axxell, Överby, Espoo

Another fantastic, gorgeous warm, +26 C., sunny day for outdoor events. We visited the Garden Day at Axxell, an annual event. There was so much to see. Flowers, garden products, ceramic artworks made by students, food stands, hobby horse competition and much more. I took way too many photos. How can I decide which to post and how many ? !

Marimekko Fashion Show

The first time we went to watch the Marimekko yearly Fashion Show in Helsinki in the Esplandi Park was two years ago, in spring 2015. Then it  was the 25th time to be held. Last year, for some reason, we didn’t go there. Today is a such a glorious, warm, sunny day for an outdoor event. Plus 26 degrees Celsius. The event is free of charge and open for everyone. 

Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year Celebration Helsinki 2017 img_3039c The Year of Rooster  img_3049c Chinese New Year Celebration Helsinki 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration Helsinki 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration Helsinki 2017 img_3061c

A dear blog friend of mine happened, during the week, to mention the Chinese New Year celebrations on January 27th in Helsinki. Thanks to her we were there. Second time for us. Last time was in 2008. This time the event was in a different place. It was nice and interesting. So colorful, dancing dragons, food stands, lanterns etc. Unfortunately we were able to stay only for about 1 ½ h. Later in the evening there was also a concert and fireworks. Maybe we’ll stay for those next year. It’s the year of the rooster. Online you can check what your zodiac sign is. I found out I’m borne in the year of rooster. I read the definition. Among other thing it says people borne in the year of rooster are often strangely stubborn. Hmmm, that’s what I’ve been told I am for as long as I can remember 😀 Nowadays I’m trying hard not to be too stubborn. In the car on the way home I said to my husband I, actually for once, didn’t take many pictures but I took an about 2 minutes clip of the dancing dragons. I think it is really nice. I was so excited about it I had to check it immediately. I checked it once, twice and a third time. Whaaat ? ! ? The clip was only 1 second ! ! So disappointed 😦

Old Fire Truck’s Day

The old fire truck event has been arranged already for more than 10 years, I think.  It’s been on our list of events to visit for, maybe, 2-3 years. The event takes place in Tammisaari  (Ekenäs) which is located about 100 km away from us. I’m glad we went there. It was so nice, the weather was fantastic and the cars were shiny and beautiful.

Jawasakki Rally 2016

My husband’s hobby is old motorbikes. He doesn’t own a Jawa of his own but many of his friends do. This year’s Jawasakki Rally was held in Siikaranta Hotel Nuuksio which is only about a 25 minute drive away from us. As neither of us have never been there and the weather was fairly good we decided to go there. My husband met many acquaintances some which I too have learnt to know.

Over 200 Jawa bikes, from many countries, attended the event. Our friend S. who also took part in the 3 day event said he had been talking to a guy who drove all the way from Scotland. I don’t know much about motorcycles. To me some of them looked like they had never hit the road. So clean and shiny. Others like they had made it twice around the world. Dirty, rusty.


Hanami – Sakura Festival

The IX Hanami Festival took place today in the Cherry Tree Park in Roihuvuori. We were there for the first time. The flowering is over but despite that the trees looked nice. I saw pictures online from last year’s festival when the trees were in full bloom. Beautiful ! Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriI think the story about the remarkable loyal dog Hachiko is familiar to many of you. As I saw this adorable young women with her dog that looks just like the one who played Hachiko in the movie I spontaneously asked her if he is the same breed. She smiled and said no. He’s a mixed breed. She was kind and let me take these pictures of them.Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriFood smelled good.Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriI find the Maneki-neko lucky charm figurines cute. Of course because they are cats. Hanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriHanami Festival 2016 RoihuvuoriBeautiful Ikebana flower arrangements.