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Tulips From Amsterdam


In the beginning of June 2007 I visited Amsterdam together with a group of colleagues. It was my second visit there. First time was in 1974 when we, my husband and I, went there by car. It was by the way  an real adventure back then. We were camping. We had a small car,  a small tent, no phones, no navigator. I had heard of the tulip fields and was a bit disappointed to not see any as the tulip season was over long ago.

In June 2007 there might still have been lots of blooming tulip fields but there was really no time for a visit to see the fields. Then strolling at the floating tulip markets i bought some bulbs. I can’t remember exactly how many. Maybe five. Anyway not more than ten.

I planted them in the fall. Next spring I think there was two flowers. So far there’s been from one to three flowers. So what a pleasant surprise to this spring be able to enjoy five of them. Three red/orange/yellow ones and two in a different color.

The picture below is one I took last spring further down our road.  There are so many tulips, Most of them are yellow ones. Maybe they are doing best in this zone. You can’t even see them all in the picture. Inspired by these I now decided to buy some more bulbs. I think 20-30 yellow will be fine, I’ll plant them in the fall around our one and only apple tree. I hope to already next spring be able to enjoy the sight of my tulip field.

Tulips IMG_0842 C_1