Daily Archives: May 9, 2013

Spring Flowers

Yesterday was the first really, really warm day here. Plus 21 Celcius. The nature practically turned green in one day 🙂Snöklocka Snowflake, Lumikello Picture 036_1

Snöklocka Lumikello Spring Snowflake

Leucojum vernum L. Spring Snowflake, Lumikello, Snöklocka

I love the spring snowflake. They are so cute. They are strong and brave enough to stick up their heads through snow and ice.  

Viysippa Valkovuokko Wood Anemone Picture 044_1

Picture 040_1

Vitsippa Valkovuokko Wood Anemone P5081305C_1Anemone nemorsa L. Wood Anemone Valkovuokko Vitsippa

The zillions of wood anemones everywhere are so beautiful and lovely. If I had not such horrible fear of snakes I would sit down on the ground among them for hours.