Monthly Archives: April 2013

It’s Spring

It was so much spring in the air on Sunday and Monday. Of course there still is some dirty, gray snow spots here and there and the lake is not free from ice.  It was so lovely to be outdoors. Sunshine from a clear blue sky. In fact I already spotted the first Hepatica nobilis Schreb on April 17. It was in the evening so they already were asleep. Yesterday I went to shoot some pictures of them. It was almost too sunny to get really good pictures. Also there was some Anemone nemorosa sticking up their heads from the ground. No pictures of them. I’m waiting for them to be in full bloom. On the way back from the shopping center I saw a bright yellow butterfly, a Gonepteryx rhamn Brimstone.

Hepatica nobilis Schreb. IMG_3625_2 Hepatica nobilis Schreb.Yes, it’s definitely spring when you see these Hepatica nobilis Schreb in bloom.

Today the weather made a total turn from warm and sunny to windy, cold and rainy. Well, it’s okay as it makes the nature good. Cleans the street, melts the snow and all the plants need it.

Clean Car

Car Wash IMG_3586_1

It’s spring. Already for days beautiful sunshine from clear blue sky. Days about 8 degrees Celsius. Nights still below zero. The roads and streets are free from snow. It’s a delight to walk again, No need for spikes for the next six or seven months.

Last Monday we were visiting friends in Hämeenlinna. Our car was incredible dirty. You could not see, not even guess, what color. Why oh why hadn’t we washed it. I was ashamed, It was  annoying and embarrassing. I had Leif to park the car so our friends would not be able to see it from their place.

All week long I have daily been talking about taking the car to the automatic car wash. Every time there was some reason we could not. Yesterday I told hubby I refuse to go anywhere if the car looks like we have dipped it in mud. I’m going to wash it by hand right now. At first he said no. In his opinion the roads are still wet and dirty and the car soon will look the same again.

Well, anyway, I had made up my mind, I didn’t listen. I went for buckets with water. He finally gave in and promised to help. He did the roof as I’m too short to reach all the way up. I did all the rest 😉 Today or tomorrow I will take the steam cleaner and clean the seats.

Quam and Quismo

Quam and Quismo

In the morning yesterday I was at my computer, as every morning, headset on listening to music, checking e-mails, Facebook, blog (s), news headlines etc,  when I heard Leif calling from the kitchen. Come take a pic of the cats.  At first I said no I will not but he insisted. Okay then. Oh, there both my boys were sitting close to each other using the heat from the dishwasher to warm their butts awaiting to have their morning meal.

As we, April 1, switched to summer time/daylight saving time I definitely think it’s spring so I turned off the electric warming system. Yes, I do admit Is was a bit chilly. Only fifteen degrees Celsius in the morning. Till the outdoor temperature, in one or two weeks, will be warm enough , I’m sure we will manage well by only using the fireplace.