Daily Archives: May 19, 2013

Jacob’s Stairs

Yes, we call them Jacob’s stairs. That is because we had a dog who originally named Jaakko. When he at about one year old came to us we called him Jacke but many people used the name Jaakko in swedish which is Jakob 🙂 Back then when both Jacke and I where young we used make several short walks and one long walk every day. The long one about seven to ten kilometers. Very often week took these stairs connecting Pitkäjärventie to Huvilatie. We soon began to call them Jacob’s Stairs. Very seldom I have walked the Jacob’s Stairs with Canelo.

The winter was hard. Plenty of snow and very slippery. It was very difficult to really walk. I found out I now need a good exercise. I took the cross trainer in use. It was not working properly last summer now it, unfortunately, is broke. So what now ? Son said go walk the Malminkartanon täyttömäki stairs. Yes, why not, there are 426 steps. I have climbed them, The view from the top is nice. Then, yes, Canelo, let’s go climb the Jaco’s Stairs. There are about 80 steps we can do them for five to six times which makes the same amount steps as täyttömäki. Good thing is they are only about one kilometer away from us. The past week we have walked the stairs up and down and up and down. Good for the legs. Yes 🙂Jacob's stairs Picture 099_1 Jacob's stairs Picture 100_1 Blommande hägg Picture 103C_1Last night on the way home I saw the first bird cherry tree in bloom. The smell is good.