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Two Deer

I saw these two deer on Friday in the same fields I saw the whooper swans on Tuesday. I said to my husband to stop the car. They of course, as always, were hundreds of meters away. I knew my 300 mm lens would not be enough but, despite that I took some photos. I so wish I had a 600 mm lens which have been on my wish list for already very long.



Uff, still upset I, last week, missed the opportunity to shoot close ups of the deer in my neighbor’s garden. But, I’m not giving up the dream to, one day, be able to meet an other one, eye to eye, and take my best ever close deer picture. On Tuesday there was one in the field not far away from us. I took a couple of pictures from, an about a 150 meter distance. He stood there like a statue but, when the two hares, closer to me, got frightened and ran away he too got scared and ran.

Oh Dear, Oh Deer

White-taileed Deer IMG_0528C

Look, look, stop, stop there are white-tailed deer I said. We were driving home from the supermarket when I saw them. My husband was very skeptical and told me the picture is not going to be good as they are so far away. And so was I but of course I had take a picture anyway. The picture is what it is but I’m happy one can see they are deer. Very cute ones. Poor creatures how is it possible they can manage on their own now when it’s so cold. In the morning it was minus 27 degrees Celsius. I wish there would be a shed for them with plenty of nice straw to sleep on.