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Farewell To The Beetle

Six years ago I wrote about how happy my husband was when he came home with an old, 1972 model, Volkswagen, a Beetle. (my post on June 25, 2008) He bought it in the spring 2008. The paint was cracked and flaking. For a couple of weeks he and two friends of his gave the VW a facelift. His friends had the knowledge and equipment. They stripped the old painting by sanding. I don’t know about the two others but Leif was, all over, the same color as a carrot every day when he came home. When the project was finished the car looked brand new.

Now the time for the Beetle has come to an end. At least with us. It didn’t pass the requirements of the technical inspection anymore. In our opinion the costs to fix it are too much. Yesterday Leif took it back to the man he bought it from six years ago. A last 150 km drive. I don’t know is he going to repair it or not.

I know Leif is feeling sad and is going to miss it. I have to say I too found it a little sad. Specially it was sad to shoot the last pics and wave goodbye. But, who knows, maybe the Beetle still, someday will be on the road again with an other happy driver.

Volkswagen Beetle model 1972 img_7369cc

Volkswagen Beetle model 1972 img_7374cc