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Wood Anemone

I spotted the first brave wood anemone  about three weeks ago. It was still quite cold, even snowing at some point. May brought the sun and warm weather and they all popped up into carpets of white and green. Beautiful.

Happy May !

Hurray for May ! The most wonderful time of spring and summer ahead. We have been able to enjoy wild spring flowers already for some time. I get so excited every spring to in mid/end of April spot the first wild anemones “sinivuokot” and “valkovuokot”.

But now is the best time. The temperature is getting warmer and the trees and the grass will be green in no time. Love it !

Sinivuokko, blåsippa  IMG_8867CC Valkovuokko, vitsippa IMG_8944C Valkovuokko, vitsippa IMG_8946C