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Snowy Tree

snowy tree 20190124_165353cOn January 10th I posted “Snowy Trees” with, among others, two photos of this tree. I have some six, seven favorite trees I take photos of over and over again. Like the old oak tree, the cherry tree, an apple tree, and this one down by the lake and football/ice rink field. It’s a bit like the sunsets I take too many photos of. My husband shakes his head and says, do you really need all of them. No, he is right. I don’t. But . . .

Apple Blossom

My goodness ! I think the apple trees blossoms like never before. Even our tree (one and only) has millions of flowers. I try to not take too many pictures but soon realize I have like always way too many of them 🙂 The time they are in bloom is too short in my opinion. Now the petals already have began to fall off and soon the ground will look like it’s been snowing.

‘The Oak Tree’

Oak tree

After a long period of gray, drizzle, rainy days, almost all the snow all gone, it was snowing on Saturday. It snowed all night and also morning. And finally sunshine ! Oh such a beautiful day ! Even if it was only for about 4-5 hours. I felt like woken from winter blahs/winter coma. Couldn’t resist shooting one more picture of the oak tree which to me always looks as great and majestic. My favorite tree around here 🙂 the oak in early spring 2015