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The First Ripe Tomato

In the middle of May I bought a tomato plant. It’s years since I had tomato plants. At one point I had 10 plants. They gave plenty of tomatoes. We had tomatoes at every meal. In the end of the summer there still was so many green tomatoes that we had to pick them and take them indoor before the frost. Some of them we put on a tray to turn red and ripen. Of the rest of them my husband made pickled green tomatoes.

Tomatoes are cheap to buy in the summer time. Yesterday I bought plenty as they were only 0,99 euro / kilogram. So why grow plants? Well, because it’s so nice picking a shiny, red, sun  warm tomato from your own garden or your own patio. Also they taste better. Don’t they ? Perhaps I will have more plants than just one next summer.
Tomato img_7145cc

Tomato IMG_7150C