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Art Exhibitions at The Didrichsen Museum

In the end of August the Marita Liulia ehxibition Mysterium. The short, about 20 minutes, film was worth watching. She told so many things about her life and her works.

On Friday, November 8th we visited an other nice exhibition. The best place in the world to paint. Finnish and Swedish artists painting in Önningeby, Åland, during the summers at the end of the 19th century. Beautiful landscape paintings. Also this time we sat down to watch an about 20 minute film about the Rönningeby and the Artist. Next time, if there will be a next time, I visit Åland Islands I will visit Önningeby and the Önningeby museum.

Art Exhibition @ Gallery Näse Manor

Today we visited an summer art exhibition in Borgå. It’s been open all the summer and will close on Sunday 26th. I only read about the exhibition last week. I immediately said to my husband. We HAVE to go there. I adore Ilse Löök’s paintings. The ‘two ladies’ are so adorable, happy, always laughing, enjoying all kind of funny things to do together. I always think they have been best friends from early childhood. I have a couple of postcards of them that I have bought for myself. I also have, during many years, bought postcards to send to friends. I don’t know if all of my friends appreciate them but I know some friends like them as much as I do. There was about 10-12 paintings by her. All so very nice. There also was paintings by many other painters. All absolutely beautiful. 

After the art exhibition we climbed the stone steps up to the stone lookout point  which is right next to the Näse Manor. More about that and some sightseeing in the old town tomorrow.