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Strawberry Candy

Strawberry Candy DayliliesStrawberry Candy DayliliesStrawberry Candy Daylilies
WOW ! I was thrilled in the morning to see five flowers in bloom. This is the first time there are more than two flowers in bloom on the same day. Of course it was a must take photos. So, if the number of flowers is five or less per day for the next days there will be no more pictures this summer 😉

Strawberry Candy Daylily

First thing I did Sunday morning I looked out the patio door. No, no Strawberry Candy in bloom. Monday morning the same thing. No, not yet.  Today, there, the first one in bloom. Even before having my morning coffee I took some pictures of it plus some more during the day. I know, way too many, as always. There are two stems, nine buds each, makes eighteen flowers which makes me very happy.
Lily Strawberry Candy Hemerocallis Lily Strawberry Candy Hemerocallis Lily Strawberry Candy Hemerocallis