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Yuk ! Lily Bugs, Stink Bugs !

This summer the lily bugs hit hard. There has been so many of them. They practically destroyed all the lilies on the front yard. It’s a pity as they actually are both colorful and beautiful.

Lily bug p8150217c

Lily Bug

The picture of the red lily bug isn’t sharp enough because I had to hurry as these bugs are super quick to drop themselves and hide. 

Stink bug p8290249cc

Stink Bug

Today I saw an other kind of bug. A black/orange one. He was on the other side of the house, in the Day Lily flower bed. The stink bug, on the other hand, was in no hurry. Or maybe he tried to fool me by not moving. Making me believe he was dead or invisible. I took a couple of pictures.Then grabbed him with a plastic bag, turned the bag inside out and stomped on it. Ugh, I don’t like to do it but, had to, after all the damage they do to my flowers.

Watch up all beetles ! Stay away from my garden ! Don’t touch my flowers ! Next summer I’ll fight you hard !