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Yesterday I was in Hämeenlinna with friends. Last year when we were Tampere we decided to next time visit Hämeenlinna. We went by the 9:19 am train from Helsinki and arrived Hämeenlinna at 10:36 am.

We walked to the center to have coffee at Cafe Laurell. The café/the bakery took part in the competition Finland’s Best Bakery. They were in the finals and became second. I had in mind to have coffee and a rye bread sandwich. But, as soon as I saw all slices of cakes, pies and cupcakes I changed my mind. Rye bread I can have at home. After the coffees and goodies it was time to continue to The Häme Castle.

Ham/cheese pie and raspberry cupcake IMG_8122C

The main attraction for our trip. The castle was built in the end of the 1200s and the beginning of the 1300s. At 1 pm there was a guided tour for about 45 minutes. It was very interesting. Today there are many events. E.g. In December the St. Thomas Christmas Market. In April Easter Market in August Häme Medieval Fair. You can rent facilities for dinners, weddings etc. After the guide left we still stayed there for a short while.

Häme Castel The Kings Hall IMG_8138C

We had booked a table at restaurant Piparkakkutalo “The Gingerbread House” to 3 pm. There was still plenty of time, so we were walking, walking, walking, talking, talking, talking and didn’t notice we had walked too far. Oops, now we had to hurry and find the way back . The restaurant is very popular and there were so many people, I think there was not one empty seat/table left. I had Karitsa Wallenberg. Steak made of ground lamb, served with red wine sauce, roasted root vegetables, mashed potato with goat cheese. It was yummy. We shared a bottle of wine. For dessert I had coffee and strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce.

Steak made of ground lamb with mashed potato IMG_8141C

A look at the clock. Almost 6 pm. Time to walk to the railway station and the 6:23 pm train. Back in Helsinki at 7:41 pm. As always my hubby and Canelo were there to pick me up.

Such a nice day despite the bit chilly wind and gray skies. Good thing, it was not raining.