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Before & After

Canelo img_2835cCanelo img_2882c Canelo needed a grooming. So we took him to the groomer yesterday. This was the first time since Jacky came into the family. Oh my, you should have seen Jacky’s face when we came back home. His jaw dropped. Eyes and mouth wide open he stared at Canelo. What on earth happened to you ? ? And you really smell oddly ! All afternoon and evening he just had to sniff, lick and touch him. Canelo felt a bit annoyed and told him to leave him alone. This morning things are back to normal 🙂


Canelo 9 Years

Canelo turned 9 yesterday. One more time: Happy Birthday Dear Canelo ! Love you !
Canelo IMG_9122C

Throw the ball ! Please, throw  ! THROW IT !

Canelo IMG_9120C

Wait a second, I need to shake.

Canelo IMG_9123C

Okay, throw it again !

IMG_5557 Canelo Canelo

 Above two pictures are from our first visit at the breeder’s in June 2006.

Canelo IMG_5821 Canelo

Enjoying the beautiful summer days in our back yard.

Winter Coat

Canlo, our Spanish Waterdog IMG_8642c Canlo, our Spanish Waterdog IMG_8643C
– Mommy ! It’s warm already. Plus 9 degrees Celsius. I need to change my winter coat to my spring coat.
– Okay Canelo, yes, I know your coat is warm. Let me begin trimming tomorrow.

Wonderful! It’s definitely spring in the air. Almost all the snow has melted. After about three weeks of gray and gloomy days the sun is shining today. What really makes me happy is that there are already many more hours of daylight. Yay !

Canelo Eight Years !

Happy Birthday dear sweet Canelo !   canelo 025cc

canelo 023C

canelo 010cc

 Photos by Craig Wright

A few weeks ago when I visited the Pet Shop “Musti ja Mirri” to buy cat litter and dry dog food the two young women working there told me a photographer will be coming there on May 9. They asked would I like to book for the photographing of Canelo . Oh yes, I very much wanted to. Back home I told about me taking Canelo to a photographer. Both my husband and son thought it crazy. They said why don’t you shoot pictures of him yourself ! Well, of course I could do it myself but I thought it interesting to be able to watch a professional photographer doing it. Neither do I have all the professional equipment he has. On Friday May 9 at 2:30 pm sharp Canelo and I were there. There was a soft footstool or maybe more like a soft cushion for the dogs to sit on and pose. At first Canelo felt uncomfortable as it was not easy to sit on it but he soon figured it out. Today, on his birthday, the pictures (a CD) arrived. I like the pictures very much.