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Happy First of May !

Glad Valborg ! Hauskaa Vappua !


Liverleaf (Anemone hepatica)

Liverleaf, blåsippa, sinivuokko IMG_3174CLiverleaf, blåsippa, sinivuokko Yesterday on the way back home from the evening walk I saw the first liverleaf in bloom. Soon there will be plenty of them. They will cover the ground and turn it into a blue carpet. Unfortunately I was able to take only one photo before my camera informed it run out of charge. I forgot to charge it last night. I took an other camera with me this morning. So on the way back from the dentist I went to take some more photos. Oh no ! Again, one photo and also this camera run out of charge. Well, I am charging them now 😀

Happy May !

Hurray for May ! The most wonderful time of spring and summer ahead. We have been able to enjoy wild spring flowers already for some time. I get so excited every spring to in mid/end of April spot the first wild anemones “sinivuokot” and “valkovuokot”.

But now is the best time. The temperature is getting warmer and the trees and the grass will be green in no time. Love it !

Sinivuokko, blåsippa  IMG_8867CC Valkovuokko, vitsippa IMG_8944C Valkovuokko, vitsippa IMG_8946C