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Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2017

So far the summer happenings have been blessed with gorgeous weather. As was also the Samba carnaval yesterday. Warm and blue skies. It was the 27th carnaval here. Our 5th, I think. Not as dancers, only as spectator 😀 It’s such a colorful, happy event.

HKL/Helsinki City Transport 70th Anniversary ~ 25th Samba Carnaval

Wooden Tram IMG_9422C Wooden Tram IMG_9424C Wooden Tram IMG_9442C Wooden Tram IMG_9443C

Yesterday the Helsinki City Transport celebrated its 70th anniversary. They arranged a tram exhibition of about 10 trams. The oldest, a wooden tram “Jumbo” from 1917. My husband says his family took the tram to visit an aunt in BrĂ€ndö/Kulosaari when he was 4 years old. Really ? Are you really able to remember it after taking the ride once or is it something you have been told. No, no he said we took the ride more than once. The bridge to the BrĂ€ndö island, in 1948-1950, was a narrow wooden bridge. I remember well the rattling and shaking. The tram is reconditioned and looks beautiful.

From the trams we went to the Senate Square for the 25th Samba Carnaval. Oh no, it began to rain ! Poor dancers. It rained for about two hours. That was for how long the event took place. Good thing it was not raining too hard. Neither it didn’t bother the dancers. If it did, at least they didn’t show it.

Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9468C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9469C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9472C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9478C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9494C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9513C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9541C Helsinki 25th Samba Carnaval IMG_9549C