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Pollen Free Lilies

Pollen free orange lilyPollen free orange lilies IMG_7850CPollen free orange lilies

My orange pollen free lilies are the first of my lilies to bloom. In fact they are the only pollen free I have. I now am awaiting for four others to bloom too. The Strawberry Candy Lily, so far, has no buds. I really hope I soon will be able to see some. Last year it looked like the Catherine Woodberry was gone. But, this summer, in the same place where it was, is a new plant. I’m so much looking forward to see if it is the Woodberry. Then there are two others that I don’t know the names of. The other one had one flower last year. A very beautiful one in yellow and a dark color which looked almost black. It will be interesting to see what the fourth one will look like.