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Passion flower ~ Passiflora incarnata

Last week I was at the nearby garden center to buy some lily plants to give our friends because we were there on an overnight visit. On the way to the cashier desk to pay I walked by plants with these incredibly and gorgeous flowers. A flower I saw for the first time in Amsterdam in June 2007. Yes, I immediately decided to buy my friend one and to as soon as possible go back and buy myself one. So yesterday I bought one. Back at home I couldn’t make up my mind whether to keep it in the pot or perhaps plant it in a larger pot to be able to move it indoors for the winter or to plant it into the flower bed and let it stay there for the winter. Then my neighbor said she knows about someone who have their plant outdoors all year around. OK, good, flowerbed it is. I planted it there yesterday. In the morning I began to reconsider was it the right decision or not. Good it’s still warm for some weeks and can make the final decision later. Either way, indoors or outdoors if it does not survive the winter I’ll buy a new one next year.

I searched for information on the plant online. I found out there are many, many different shades and shapes flowers of Passion Flower. All incredible beautiful. Also there are fruits in different colors. On the ‘The Garden Helper’ site I read the to me astonishing thing:

The Passion Flower is a common roadside weed, found throughout many areas of the Southeastern United States where it often grows in large masses in ditches and open fields.

I never thought it a wildflower always thought it’s cultivated. Of course, it maybe both or what ?

Passionflower, Passion flower

Passionflower, Passion flower

Passionflower, Passion flower

Passionflower, Passion flowerI don’t know which is right. Passionflower or Passion flower as I saw both used online so I tagged both.