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Cheesecake GlögijuustokakkuCheesecake Glögijuustokakku I made my first mulled wine cheesecake a couple of days before Christmas. It tasted good and looked pretty to be made by me. But, it has annoyed me that I didn’t get the color of the gel right. So, I made one also for the New Year. This time I used only half the amount of cheese and curd as well as all the other ingredients for the cheese layer. As 900 grams of Philadelphia cheese is a lot. Now the gel color and the cake would haven been near to perfect had it come off easily. One can see that I had to use a knife to get it loose. Who knows, I may nail it next time 😀


cheesecake glögijuustokakkucheesecake glögijuustokakku

In the Christmas issue of Pirkka magazine I saw the picture of a mulled spiced wine cheesecake. So pretty. I had to make one.

The bottom is of crushed gingerbread cookies. The cheese layer soft fresh cream cheese and the topping red jelly mulled wine. I should have use a different kind of mulled wine as my topping is not as dark red as in the picture in the magazine. Despite that, the cake is good. But, oh no ! So many calories !