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Orange Daylily

Orange Day Lily Orange Day Lily Orange Day LilyThe orange daylily is the last one to bloom. Only one stem with about 5 more buds. Since the beginning of the summer I have seen no snails among the lilies but yesterday I saw one on this flower. You can see the petal has some damage to it. Under the petal to the right you can see, if you look close, a small snail. Ufff ! I really thought I had managed to get rid of them .

Orange Lily

Orange Lily Orange Lily IMG_4902C Orange Lily IMG_4905C
The orange lilies also in bloom now. I wonder are you able to see the tiny ant in the picture. I’m not sure is he the one to blame for the disappeared buds or not. He looks very harmless. And it was just he, all alone. Anyway, I’m so happy for all the flowers there is. The two last pictures differ in color. They are almost red. I used a different camera, they are close ups, the angle is different and the light as well, there’s more sunlight. OK, they are what they are 🙂

Next up, tomorrow: the yellow lily